NBER Macroeconomics Annual 2012, Volume 27

Daron Acemoglu, Jonathan Parker, and Michael Woodford, editors

Conference held April 20-21, 2012
Published in May 2013 by University of Chicago Press
© 2013 by the National Bureau of Economic Research
in NBER Book Series NBER Macroeconomics Annual

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ISBN: 0-226-05280-X

Table of Contents

Front matter: Daron Acemoglu, Jonathan Parker, Michael Woodford (bibliographic info) (download)
Editorial and Abstracts: Daron Acemoglu, Jonathan Parker, Michael Woodford (bibliographic info) (download)
1. Does Indivisible Labor Explain the Difference between Micro and Macro Elasticities? A Meta-Analysis of Extensive Margin Elasticities: Raj Chetty, Adam Guren, Day Manoli, Andrea Weber (p. 1 - 56) (bibliographic info) (download) (Working Paper version)
       Comment: Orazio Attanasio (p. 57 - 77) (bibliographic info) (download)
       Comment: Robert Shimer (p. 78 - 84) (bibliographic info) (download)
       Discussion: (p. 85 - 88) (bibliographic info) (download)
2. Roads to Prosperity or Bridges to Nowhere? Theory and Evidence on the Impact of Public Infrastructure Investment: Sylvain Leduc, Daniel Wilson (p. 89 - 142) (bibliographic info) (download) (data appendix)(Working Paper version)
       Comment: Francesco Giavazzi (p. 143 - 146) (bibliographic info) (download)
       Comment: Valerie Ramey (p. 147 - 153) (bibliographic info) (download)
       Discussion: (p. 154 - 157) (bibliographic info) (download)
3. Which Financial Frictions? Parsing the Evidence from the Financial Crisis of 2007 to 2009: Tobias Adrian, Paolo Colla, Hyun Song Shin (p. 159 - 214) (bibliographic info) (download) (Working Paper version)
       Comment: Mark Gertler (p. 215 - 223) (bibliographic info) (download)
       Comment: Arvind Krishnamurthy (p. 224 - 231) (bibliographic info) (download)
       Discussion: (p. 232 - 234) (bibliographic info) (download)
4. Individual Price Adjustment along the Extensive Margin: Etienne Gagnon, David López-Salido, Nicolas Vincent (p. 235 - 281) (bibliographic info) (download) (Working Paper version)
       Comment: Gita Gopinath (p. 282 - 292) (bibliographic info) (download)
       Comment: Anil K Kashyap (p. 293 - 307) (bibliographic info) (download)
       Discussion: (p. 308 - 310) (bibliographic info) (download)
5. Testing for Keynesian Labor Demand: Mark Bils, Peter J. Klenow, Benjamin A. Malin (p. 311 - 349) (bibliographic info) (download) (data appendix)(Working Paper version)
       Comment: Ricardo Reis (p. 350 - 361) (bibliographic info) (download)
       Comment: Julio J. Rotemberg (p. 362 - 370) (bibliographic info) (download)
       Discussion: (p. 371 - 373) (bibliographic info) (download)
6. Risk Heterogeneity and Credit Supply: Evidence from the Mortgage Market: Timothy Besley, Neil Meads, Paolo Surico (p. 375 - 419) (bibliographic info) (download)
       Comment: José-Luis Peydró (p. 420 - 428) (bibliographic info) (download)
       Comment: Bernard Salanié (p. 429 - 436) (bibliographic info) (download)
       Discussion: (p. 437 - 438) (bibliographic info) (download)
Revenge of the Optimum Currency Area: Paul Krugman (p. 439 - 448) (bibliographic info) (download)
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