Slides Upload: CRIW Conference: The Challenges of Globalization in the Measurement of National Accounts

March 9-10, 2018

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  • Nadim Ahmad [upload slides] ,
    Accounting for Globalisation: Frameworks for Integrated International Economic Accounts
    Discussant: Christopher Kurz [upload slides]
  • Gabriela Saborio-Muñoz and Rigoberto Torres-Mora [upload slides] ,
    Costa Rica: Integrating Foreign Direct Investment Data and Extended Supply and Use Tables into the National Accounts
    Discussant: Deborah L. Swenson [upload slides]
  • Sebnem Kalemli-Ozcan, Bent Sorensen, Carolina Villegas-Sanchez, Vadym Volosovych [upload slides] ,
    Who Owns Europe’s Firms? Foreign Investment in Europe and Implications for Risk Sharing
    Discussant: Nitya Pandalai-Nayar [upload slides]
  • Brent Moulton, Peter van de Ven [upload slides] ,
    Addressing the Challenges of Globalization in National Accounts
    Discussant: Marshall B. Reinsdorf [upload slides]
  • Silke Stapel-Weber, Paul Konijn, John Verrinder, Henk Nijmeijer [upload slides] ,
    Meaningful Information for Domestic Economies in the Light of Globalization – Will Additional Macroeconomic Indicators and Different Presentations Shed Light?
    Discussant: Sarahelen Thompson [upload slides]
  • James J. Fetzer, Tina Highfill, Kassu Hossiso, Thomas Howells, Erich Strassner, Jeffrey Young [upload slides] ,
    Accounting for Firm Heterogeneity within U.S. Industries: Extended Supply-Use Tables and Trade in Value Added using Enterprise and Establishment Level Data
    Discussant: Susan Houseman [upload slides]
  • Mark de Haan, Joseph Haynes [upload slides] ,
    R&D Capitalisation: Where Did We Go Wrong?
    Discussant: Michael Connolly [upload slides]
  • Jennifer Bruner, Dylan Rassier, Kim J. Ruhl [upload slides] ,
    Multinational Profit Shifting and Measures throughout Economic Accounts 
    Discussant: Stephen J. Redding [upload slides]
  • Bart Los, Marcel Timmer [upload slides] ,
    Measuring Bilateral Exports of Value Added: A Unified Framework
    Discussant: Robert C. Johnson [upload slides]
  • Bernhard Michel, Caroline Hambÿe, Bart Hertveldt [upload slides] ,
    The Role of Exporters and Domestic Producers in GVCs: Evidence for Belgium Based on Extended National Supply-and-Use Tables Integrated into a Global Multiregional Input-Output Table
    Discussant: Lucian Cernat [upload slides]
  • John D. FitzGerald [upload slides] ,
    National Accounts for a Global Economy: The Case of Ireland
    Discussant: James Tebrake [upload slides]
  • Fariha Kamal [upload slides] ,
    A Portrait of U.S. Factoryless Goods Producers
    Discussant: Teresa C. Fort [upload slides]
  • Mark Vancauteren, Michael Polder, Marcel van den Berg [upload slides] ,
    The Relationship between Tax Payments and MNE’s Patenting Activities and Implications for Real Economic Activity: Evidence from the Netherlands
    Discussant: Robert E. Yuskavage [upload slides]
  • Maria Borga, Cecilia Caliandro [upload slides] ,
    Eliminating the Pass-Through: Towards FDI Statistics that Better Capture the Financial and Economic Linkages between Countries
    Discussant: L. Kamran Bilir [upload slides]
  • Derrick Jenniges, Raymond Mataloni Jr., Sarah A. Stutzman, Yiran Xin [upload slides] ,
    Strategic Movement of Intellectual Property within Multinational Enterprises
    Discussant: J. Bradford Jensen [upload slides]
  • Daniel Ker, Fernando Galindo-Rueda, John Jankowski, Francisco Moris [upload slides] ,
    Capturing International R&D Trade and Financing Flows: What Do Available Sources Reveal about the Structure of Knowledge-Based Global Production?
    Discussant: Nune Hovhannisyan [upload slides]
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