2016, No. 2

NBER Affiliates' Work in Medical Journals

Note to Readers

Many NBER-affiliated researchers publish some of their findings in medical journals that preclude pre-publication distribution. This makes it impossible to include these papers in the NBER working paper series. Beginning with this issue, the Bulletin on Aging and Health will include a list of recent papers by NBER researchers in medical journals.

The Association between Income and Life Expectancy
in the United States, 2001-2014

R. Chetty, M. Stepner, S. Abraham, S. Lin, B. Scuderi, N. Turner, A. Bergeron, and D. Cutler,
Journal of the American Medical Association, 315(16), April 2016, pp. 1750–1766.

This paper examines inequality in life expectancy using 1.4 billion anonymous earnings and mortality records covering the U.S. population from 1999-2014. The authors present four main findings: Higher income is associated with greater longevity throughout the income distribution; inequality in life expectancy has increased in recent years at the national level; life expectancy varies substantially across areas, especially for low-income individuals; and differences in life expectancy across areas for low-income individuals are highly correlated with differences in health behaviors such as smoking, obesity, and exercise.

Patient Choice in Opt-In, Active Choice, and Opt-Out HIV Screening: Randomized Clinical Trial
J. C. C. Montoy, W. H. Dow, and B. C. Kaplan,
BMJ, 352(h6895), January 2016.

This paper studies how opt-out, opt-in, and active choice testing schemes impact patient likelihood of accepting an HIV screening. Those randomly assigned to the opt-out group accepted the test 66% of the time, compared to 51% for the active choice group and 38% for the opt-in group. Higher risk patients were more likely to accept the test than low risk patients across all groups.

Health Investment Behaviours and Oral/Gingival Health Condition in Swedish 19-Year Olds
J. S. Ericsson, J. L. Wennström, B. Lindgren, M. Petzold, A.-L.Östberg, and K. H. Abrahamsson,
Acta Odontologica Scandinavica, 74(4), 2016.

Affordable Care Act Medicaid Expansion Reduced Uninsured Hospital Stays in 2014
S. Nikpay, T. Buchmueller, and H. G. Levy,
Health Affairs, 35(1), January 2016, pp. 106–110.<

Drug Poisoning Deaths in the United States, 1999–2012: A Statistical Adjustment Analysis
C. J. Ruhm,
Population Health Metrics, 14(2), January 2016.

Cohort Effects in the Genetic Influence on Smoking
B. W. Domingue, D. Conley, J. Fletcher, and J. D. Boardman,
Behavior Genetics, 46(1), January 2016, pp. 31–42.

Impact of Health Insurance for Tertiary Care on Postoperative Outcomes
and Seeking Care for Symptoms: Quasi-Experimental Evidence from Karnataka, India

N. Sood and Z. Wagner,
BMJ Open, 6(1), January 2016.

The Value of Surrogate Endpoints for Predicting Real-World Survival across Five Cancer Types
J. Shafrin, R. Brookmeyer, D. Peneva, J. Park, J. Zhang, R. A. Figlin, and D. N. Lakdawalla,
Current Medical Research and Opinion, 32(4), January 2016, pp. 731–739.

Exploring Why Costa Rica Outperforms the United States in Life Expectancy:
A Tale of Two Inequality Gradients

L. Rosero-Bixby and W. H. Dow,
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 113(5), February 2016, pp. 1130–1137.

Association between Having a Highly Educated Spouse and Physician Practice
in Rural Underserved Areas

D. O. Staiger, S. M. Marshall, D. C. Goodman, D. I. Auerbach, and P. I. Buerhaus,
Journal of the American Medical Association, 315(9), March 2016, pp. 939–941.

Economic Benefits of Investing in Women's Health: A Systematic Review
K. H. Onarheim, J. H. Iversen, and D. E. Bloom,
PLOS ONE, 11(3), March 2016.

Medicare Letters to Curb Overprescribing of Controlled Substances
Had No Detectable Effect on Providers

A. Sacarny, D. Yokum, A. Finkelstein, and S. Agrawal,
Health Affairs, 35(3), March 2016, pp. 471–479.

Impacts of Classifying New York City Students as Overweight
D. Almond, A. Lee, and A. E. Schwartz,
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 113(3), March 2016, pp. 3488–3491.

Applying Appropriate-Use Criteria to Cardiac Revascularisation in India
N. Sood, A. P. Ugargol, K. Barnes, and A. Mahajan,
BMJ Open, 6(3), March 2016.

The Impact of Repeat HIV Testing on Risky Sexual Behavior:
Evidence from a Randomized Controlled Trial in Malawi

A. Delavande, Z. Wagner, N. Sood,
Journal of AIDS & Clinical Research, 7(3), March 2016, pp. 549.

Cost-Sharing Obligations, High-Deductible Health Plan Growth,
and Shopping for Health Care: Enrollees with Skin in the Game

A. D. Sinaiko, A. Mehrotra, and N. Sood,
JAMA Internal Medicine, 176(3), March 2016, pp. 395–397.

The Effect of Functional Status on Nursing Home Admission
among Patients with Advanced Parkinson's Disease

T. Shih, J. Sullivan, K. Sail, Y. Jalundhwala, E. van Eijndhoven, T. Marshall, C. Zadikoff, and D. Lakdawalla,
Neurology, 86(16), April 2016.

Outcomes Associated with Primary and Secondary Nonadherence to Cholesterol Medications
J. S. Lee, G. Joyce, and J. McCombs,
American Journal of Pharmacy, 8(2), April 2016, pp. 54-60.

Genetic Variants Associated with Subjective Well-Being, Depressive Symptoms,
and Neuroticism Identified through Genome-Wide Analyses

A. Okbay, B. M.L. Baselmans, J.E. De Neve, P. Turley, M. G. Nivard, M. A. Fontana, S.F. W. Meddens, R. K. Linnér, C. A. Rietveld, J. Derringer, J. Gratten, J. J. Lee, J. Z. Liu, R. de Vlaming, ..., J. Yang, D. Conley, George D. Smith, A. Hofman, M. Johannesson, D. I. Laibson, S. E. Medland, M. N. Meyer, J. K. Pickrell, T. Esko, R. F. Krueger, J. P. Beauchamp, P. D. Koellinger, D. J. Benjamin, M. Bartels, and D. Cesarini,
Nature Genetics, 48, April 2016, pp. 624–633.

A Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Over-The-Counter Statins
C. Stomberg, M. Albaugh, S. Shiffman, and N. Sood,
American Journal of Managed Care, 22(5), May 2016, pp. 294–303.

Adding a Spending Metric to Medicare's Value-Based Purchasing Program
Rewarded Low-Quality Hospitals

A. Das, E. C. Norton, D. C. Miller, A. M. Ryan, J. D. Birkmeyer, and L. M. Chen,
Health Affairs, 35(5), May 2016, pp. 898–906.

Estimating the Future Burden of Cardiovascular Disease in China
and the Potential Value of Universal Lipid and Blood Pressure Control

W. Stevens, D. Peneva, J. Z. Li, L. Z. Liu, G. G. Liu, R. Gao, and D. N. Lakdawalla,
Value in Health, 19(3), May 2016, pp. A54.

The Social Value of Immunotherapy in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
J. Sullivan, A. S. Ward, B. Korytowsky, D. Peneva, J. Benner, D. N. Lakdawalla, B. Bolinder, R. A. Figlin, and A. B. Jena,
Value in Health, 19(3), May 2016, pp. A167.

Estimating the Lifetime Price of Pharmaceuticals: What Are the Long-Term Costs to Society?
D.N. Lakdawalla, J.P. MacEwan, A. Towse, M. Berdud, K.D. Westrich, and R.W. Dubois,
Value in Health, 19(3), May 2016, pp. A273.

Does Patient Cost Sharing for HCV Drugs Make Sense?
D. N. Lakdawalla, M. T. Linthicum, and J. Vanderpuye-Orgle,
American Journal of Managed Care, 22(6 Spec No.), May 2016.

Costs and Spillover Effects of Private Insurers' Coverage of Hepatitis C Treatment
G. A. Moreno, K. Mulligan, C. Huber, M. T. Linthicum, D. Dreyfus, T. Juday, S. E. Marx, Y. Sanchez Gonzalez, R. Brookmeyer, and D. N. Lakdawalla,
American Journal of Managed Care, 22(6 Spec No.), May 2016.

The Wider Public Health Value of HCV Treatment Accrued by Liver Transplant Recipients
A. B. Jena, W. Stevens, Y.Sanchez Gonzalez, S. E. Marx, T. Juday, D. N. Lakdawalla, and T. J. Philipson,
American Journal of Managed Care, 22(6 Spec No.), May 2016.

Estimating the Future Burden of Cardiovascular Disease
and the Value of Lipid and Blood Pressure Control Therapies in China

W. Stevens, D. Peneva, J. Z. Li, L. Z. Liu, G. Liu, R. Gao, and D. N. Lakdawalla,
BMC Health Services Research, 16(1), May 2016.

Competing Risks: Investing in Sickness Rather Than Health
D. P. Goldman, É. Gaudette, and W.-H. Cheng,
American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 50(5), May 2016, pp. S45–S50.

Genome-Wide Association Study Identifies 74 Loci Associated with Educational Attainment
A. Okbay, J. P. Beauchamp, M. A. Fontana, J. J. Lee, T. H. Pers, C.A. Rietveld, P. Turley, G. Chen, V. Emilsson, S.F. W. Meddens, S. Oskarsson, J. K. Pickrell, K. Thom, P. Timshel, R. de Vlaming, …, J. Yang, M. Johannesson, P. M. Visscher, T. Esko, P. D. Koellinger, D. Cesarini, and D. J. Benjamin,
Nature, 533, May 2016, pp. 539–542.

Vaccination Rates Are Associated with Functional Proximity
but Not Base Proximity of Vaccination Clinics

J. Beshears, J. J. Choi, D. I. Laibson, B. C. Madrian, and G. I. Reynolds,
Medical Care, 54(6), June 2016, pp. 578–583.

Rejection Odds and Rejection Ratios: A Proposal for Statistical Practice in Testing Hypotheses
M. J. Bayarri, D. J. Benjamin, J. O. Berger, and T. M. Sellke,
Journal of Mathematical Psychology, 72, June 2016, pp. 90–103.

Differences in Incomes of Physicians in the United States by Race and Sex: Observational Study
D. P. Ly, S. A. Seabury, and A. B. Jena,
BMJ, 353(i2923), June 2016.

When Doctors Go to Business School: Career Choices of Physician-MBAs
D. Ljuboja, B. Powers, B. Robbins, R. S. Huckman, K. Yeshwant, and S. H. Jain,
American Journal of Managed Care, 22(6), June 2016, pp. 196–198.

Assortative Mating and Differential Fertility by Phenotype and Genotype across the 20th Century
D. Conley, T. Laidley, D. W. Belsky, J. M. Fletcher, J. D. Boardman, and B. W. Domingue,
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 113(24), June 2016, pp. 6647–6652.

Early Coverage, Access, Utilization, and Health Effects Associated
with the Affordable Care Act Medicaid Expansions: A Quasi-Experimental Study

L. R. Wherry and S. Miller,
Annals of Internal Medicine, 164(12), June 2016, pp. 795–803.

The Impact of State AIDS Drug Assistance Policies on Clinical
and Economic Outcomes of People with HIV

J. T. Snider, D. P. Goldman, L. Rosenblatt, D. Seekins, T. Juday, Y. Sanchez, Y. Wu, D. Peneva, and J. A. Romley,
Medical Care Research and Review, 73(3), June 2016.

Value of Improved Lipid Control in Patients at High Risk for Adverse Cardiac Events
A. B. Jena, D. M. Blumenthal, W. Stevens, J. W. Chou, T. G.N. Ton, and D. P. Goldman,
American Journal of Managed Care, 22(6), June 2016, pp. 199–207.

Impact of Type 2 Diabetes Medication Cost Sharing on Patient Outcomes and Health Plan Costs
J. Thornton Snider, S. Seabury, J. Lopez, S. McKenzie, Y. Wu, and D. P. Goldman,
American Journal of Managed Care, 22(6), June 2016, pp. 433–440.

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