2016, No. 3

NBER Affiliates' Work in Medical Journals

Note to Readers

Many NBER-affiliated researchers publish some of their findings in medical journals that preclude pre-publication distribution. This makes it impossible to include these papers in the NBER working paper series. Beginning with this issue, the Bulletin on Aging and Health will include a list of recent papers by NBER researchers in medical journals.

State Legal Restrictions and Prescription-Opioid Use among Disabled Adults
E. Meara, J. R. Horwitz, W. Powell, L. McClelland, W. Zhou, A. J. O'Malley, and N. E. Morden, New England Journal of Medicine, 375, July 2016, pp. 44-53.
This study examines how U.S. state laws restricting opioid prescriptions affected opioid abuse and overdose. The researchers found no evidence that various controlled-substance laws reduced abuse rates.

Effect of Medicaid Coverage on ED Use — Further Evidence from Oregon's Experiment
A. N. Finkelstein, S. L. Taubman, H. L. Allen, B. J. Wright, and K. Baicker, New England Journal of Medicine, 375, October 2016, pp. 1505-07.
In an extension of the Oregon Health Insurance Experiment, this paper investigates whether an increase in emergency department (ED) visits after Medicaid receipt is replaced, over time, by physician office visits. The researchers found that the increase in ED use did not dissipate over the first two years of Medicaid coverage. Furthermore, they found no evidence that ED visits were substituted for primary care.

Sex Differences in Physician Salary in U.S. Public Medical Schools
A. B. Jena, A. R. Olenski, and D. M. Blumenthal, JAMA Internal Medicine, 176(9), September 2016, pp. 1294-1304.
This paper studies whether salary differences exist between male and female academic physicians. The researchers observed a significant pay gap: female physicians' salaries were about $20,000 lower than male physicians after adjusting for various factors. However, the findings varied depending on specialty and rank; for instance, female full professors' salaries were comparable to their male counterparts.

Medicaid Expansion Did Not Result in Significant Employment Changes or Job Reductions in 2014
A. Gooptu, A. Moriya, K. Simon, and B. Sommers, Health Affairs, 35(1), January 2016, pp. 111-18.

Little Change Seen in Part-Time Employment as a Result of the Affordable Care Act
A. Moriya, T. Selden, and K. Simon, Health Affairs, 35(1), January 2016, pp. 119-23.

Dependent Coverage under the ACA and Medicaid Coverage for Childbirth
Y. Akosa Antwi, A. Carroll, J. Ma, and K. Simon, New England Journal of Medicine, 374, January 2016, pp. 194-96.

Emergency Care Use and the Medicare Hospice Benefit for Individuals with Cancer with a Poor Prognosis
Z. Obermeyer, A. C. Clarke, M. Makar, J. D. Schuur, and D. M. Cutler, Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, 64(2), February 2016, pp. 323–29.

Short-Term Outcomes for Medicare Beneficiaries after Low-Acuity Visits to Emergency Departments and Clinics
M. Niedzwiecki, K. Baicker, M. Wilson, D. M. Cutler, and Z. Obermeyer, Medical Care, 54(5), May 2016, pp. 498-503.

Economic Approaches to Estimating Benefits of Regulations Affecting Addictive Goods
D. M. Cutler, A. I. Jessup, D. S. Kenkel, and M. A. Starr, American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 50(5), May 2016, pp. S20-26.

Hospital Prescribing of Opioids to Medicare Beneficiaries
A. B. Jena, D. Goldman, and P. Karaca-Mandic, JAMA Internal Medicine, 176(7), July 2016, pp. 990-97.

Cost-Effectiveness and Cost-Utility Analyses of Hospital-Based Home Care Compared to Hospital-Based Care for Children Diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes; A Randomised Controlled Trial; Results after Two Years' Follow-Up.
I. Tiberg, B. Lindgren, A. Carlsson, and I. Hallström, BMC Pediatrics, 16(94), July 2016.

Where Do Freestanding Emergency Departments Choose to Locate? A National Inventory and Geographic Analysis in Three States
J. D. Schuur, O. Baker, J. Freshman, M. Wilson, and D. M. Cutler, Annals of Emergency Medicine, July 2016.

Changing Polygenic Penetrance on Phenotypes in the 20th Century among Adults in the U.S. Population
D. Conley, T. M. Laidley, J. D. Boardman, and B. W. Domingue, Scientific Reports, 6(30348), July 2016.

Adverse Inpatient Outcomes during the Transition to a New Electronic Health Record System: Observational Study
M. L. Barnett, A. Mehrotra, and A. B. Jena, BMJ, 354(3835), July 2016.

Surgeon Specialization and Operative Mortality in United States: Retrospective Analysis
N. R. Sahni, M. Dalton, D. M. Cutler, J. D. Birkmeyer, and A. Chandra, BMJ, 354 (3571), July 2016.

The Effect of an Increased Minimum Wage on Infant Mortality and Birth Weight
K. A. Komro, M. D. Livingston, S. Markowitz, and A. C. Wagenaar, American Journal of Public Health, 106(8), August 2016, pp. 1514-16.

A Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis for the Prevention of HIV among Los Angeles County Men Who Have Sex with Men
E. F. Drabo, J. W. Hay, R. Vardavas, Z. R. Wagner, and N. Sood, Clinical Infectious Diseases, 63(6), August 2016.

The Impact of Patient-Centered Medical Homes on Safety Net Clinics
L.-H. Chu, Y.-C. Lee, J. N. Sayles, and N. Sood, American Journal of Managed Care, 22(8), August 2016, pp. 532-38.

The Effect of HIV and the Modifying Effect of Anti-Retroviral Therapy (ART) on Body Mass Index (BMI) and Blood Pressure Levels in Rural South Africa
A. B. Feigl, D. E. Bloom, G. Danaei, D. Pillay, J. A. Salomon, F. Tanser, and T. W. Bärnighausen, PLoS ONE, 11(8), August 2016.

Vital Directions for Health and Health Care: An Initiative of the National Academy of Medicine
V. J. Dzau, M. McClellan, and J. M. McGinnis, JAMA, 316(7), August 2016, pp. 711-12.

Primary Stroke Center Hospitalization for Elderly Patients with Stroke: Implications for Case Fatality and Travel Times
K. Bekelis, N. J. Marth, K. Wong, W. Zhou, J. D. Birkmeyer, and J. Skinner, JAMA Internal Medicine, 176(9), September 2016, pp. 1361-68.

Early Impact of Medicare Accountable Care Organizations on Cancer Surgery Outcomes
L. A. Herrel, E. C. Norton, S. R. Hawken, Z. Ye, B. K. Hollenbeck, and D. C. Miller, Cancer, 122(17), September 2016, pp. 2739-46.

Low-Value Health Care Services in a Commercially Insured Population
R. O. Reid, B. Rabideau, and N. Sood, JAMA Internal Medicine, 176(10), October 2016, pp. 1567-71.

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