2017, No. 3

NBER Affiliates' Work in Medical Journals

Note to Readers

Many NBER-affiliated researchers publish some of their findings in medical journals that preclude pre-publication distribution. This makes it impossible to include these papers in the NBER working paper series. This is a partial listing of recent papers in this category.

Low-Cost Behavioral Nudges Increase Medicaid Take-Up Among Eligible Residents Of Oregon
B. J. Wright, G. Garcia-Alexander, M. A. Weller, and K. Baicker, Health Affairs, 36(5), May 2017, pp. 838-45.
  In support of efforts to reduce the numbers of uninsured, evidence on the effectiveness of policies aiming to increase take-up of available health insurance programs and subsidies is limited. The researchers find that even very low-cost communications substantially increase insurance enrollment across varying demographic groups and that such outreach could substantially raise coverage of vulnerable populations.

Impact of Ambulance Diversion: Black Patients with Acute Myocardial Infarction Had Higher Mortality Than Whites
R. Y. Hsia, N. Sarkar, and Y. Shen, Health Affairs, 36(6), June 2017, pp. 1070-7.
  The researchers investigate whether there is a disparity in outcomes between blacks and whites during times of emergency department crowding that force ambulance diversions. Using data on patients from California with acute myocardial infarction (heart attacks), the researchers observe that, during similar ambulance diversion scenarios, black patients experienced ninety-day and one-year mortality rates that were 19 percent and 14 percent higher, respectively, than their white counterparts.

Alternative Alternative Payment Models
K. Baicker and M. E. Chernew, JAMA Internal Medicine, 177(2), February 2017, pp. 222-3.

Physician Age and Outcomes of Hospitalized Elderly Patients in the U.S.: An Observational Study
Y. Tsugawa, J. P. Newhouse, A. M. Zaslavsky, D. M. Blumenthal, and A. B. Jena, British Medical Journal, 357, May 2017 (published online).

Influence of the Flavored Cigarette Ban on Adolescent Tobacco Use
C. J. Courtemanche, M. K. Palmer, and M. F. Pesko, American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 52(5), May 2017, pp. e139-46.

Outpatient Office Wait Times and Quality of Care for Medicaid Patients
T. Oostrom, L. Einav, and A. Finkelstein, Health Affairs, 36(5), May 2017, pp. 826-32.

The Contribution of Rising Adiposity to the Increasing Prevalence of Diabetes in the United States
A. Stokes and S. H. Preston, Preventative Medicine, 101, June 2017, pp. 91-5.

Health Policy Trials
J. P. Newhouse and S. T. Normand, New England Journal of Medicine, 376(22), June 2017, pp. 2160-7.

Health Insurance Coverage and Health — What the Recent Evidence Tells Us
B. D. Sommers, A. A. Gawande, and K. Baicker, New England Journal of Medicine, June 2017 (published online).

Constant Lethality of Gunshot Injuries from Firearm Assault: United States, 2003-2012.
P. J. Cook, A. E. Rivera-Aguirre, M. Cerdá, and G. Wintemute, American Journal of Public Health, 107(8), August 2017, pp. 1324-8.

From 2016

Medicare Advantage Plans Pay Hospitals Less Than Traditional Medicare Pays
L.C. Baker, M. K. Bundorf, A. M. Devlin, and D. P. Kessler, Health Affairs, 35(8), August 2016, pp. 1444-51.

Effect of Medicaid Coverage on ED Use — Further Evidence from Oregon's Experiment
A. N. Finkelstein, S. L. Taubman, H. L. Allen, B. J. Wright, and K. Baicker, New England Journal of Medicine, 375(15), October 2016, pp. 1505-7.

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