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w27865 Alex Rees-Jones
John D'Attoma
Amedeo Piolatto
Luca Salvadori

COVID-19 Changed Tastes for Safety-Net Programs
w27860 Victor Stango
Jonathan Zinman

Behavioral Biases are Temporally Stable
w27848 David M. Cutler
Kaushik Ghosh
Kassandra Messer
Trivellore Raghunathan
Allison B. Rosen
Susan T. Stewart

A Satellite Account for Health in the United States
w27846 Lisa Cameron
Jennifer Seager
Manisha Shah

Crimes Against Morality: Unintended Consequences of Criminalizing Sex Work
w27840 Pol Antràs
Stephen J. Redding
Esteban Rossi-Hansberg

Globalization and Pandemics
w27830 Monica Deza
Alvaro Mezza

The Intergenerational Effects of the Vietnam Draft on Risky Behaviors
w27817 Parag A. Pathak
Harald Schmidt
Adam Solomon
Edwin Song
Tayfun Sönmez
M. Utku Ünver

Do Black and Indigenous Communities Receive their Fair Share of Vaccines Under the 2018 CDC Guidelines?
w27813 Dhaval M. Dave
Andrew I. Friedson
Drew McNichols
Joseph J. Sabia

The Contagion Externality of a Superspreading Event: The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and COVID-19
w27811 Xiaoning Huang
Neeraj Kaushal
Julia Shu-Huah Wang

What Explains the Gap in Welfare Use among Immigrants and Natives?
w27804 Sujeong Park
David Powell

Is the Rise in Illicit Opioids Affecting Labor Supply and Disability Claiming Rates?
w27797 Steven J. Haider
Melvin Stephens Jr.

Correcting for Misclassified Binary Regressors Using Instrumental Variables
w27794 Greg Kaplan
Benjamin Moll
Giovanni L. Violante

The Great Lockdown and the Big Stimulus: Tracing the Pandemic Possibility Frontier for the U.S.
w27792 Krista J. Ruffini
Aaron Sojourner
Abigail K. Wozniak

Who's In and Who's Out under Workplace COVID Symptom Screening?
w27780 Joshua S. Gans
Test Sensitivity for Infection versus Infectiousness of SARS-CoV-2
w27776 Samuel Bazzi
Martin Fiszbein
Mesay Gebresilasse

Rugged Individualism and Collective (In)action During the COVID-19 Pandemic
w27775 Douglas Almond
Yi Cheng

Perinatal Health among 1 Million Chinese-Americans
w27765 Mohammad Akbarpour
Julien Combe
Yinghua He
Victor Hiller
Robert Shimer
Olivier Tercieux

Unpaired Kidney Exchange: Overcoming Double Coincidence of Wants without Money
w27760 Amitabh Chandra
Courtney Coile
Corina Mommaerts

What Can Economics Say About Alzheimer's Disease?
w27759 Catalina Amuedo-Dorantes
Neeraj Kaushal
Ashley N. Muchow

Is the Cure Worse than the Disease? County-Level Evidence from the COVID-19 Pandemic in the United States
w27757 David E. Bloom
Michael Kuhn
Klaus Prettner

Modern Infectious Diseases: Macroeconomic Impacts and Policy Responses
w27753 Isaac Swensen ⓡ
Jason M. Lindo ⓡ
Krishna Regmi

Stable Income, Stable Family
w27742 Andrew B. Abel
Stavros Panageas

Optimal Management of a Pandemic in the Short Run and the Long Run
w27741 Marina Azzimonti
Alessandra Fogli
Fabrizio Perri
Mark Ponder

Pandemic Control in ECON-EPI Networks
w27737 Amanda M. Dettmer
James J. Heckman
Juan Pantano
Victor Ronda
Stephen J. Suomi

Intergenerational Effects of Early-Life Advantage: Lessons from a Primate Study
w27728 Jie Ma
Kosali I. Simon

Heterogeneous Effects Of Health Insurance On Birth Related Outcomes: Unpacking Compositional Vs. Direct Changes
w27724 Ricardo Lagos
On Socializing and Social Distancing in Markets: Implications for Retail Prices, Store-level Consumer Density, and Disease Transmission
w27719 Andrew Atkeson
Karen Kopecky
Tao Zha

Four Stylized Facts about COVID-19
w27713 Ozkan Eren
Naci H. Mocan

Judge Peer Effects in the Courthouse
w27711 Christopher J. Cronin
Matthew P. Forsstrom
Nicholas W. Papageorge

What Good Are Treatment Effects without Treatment? Mental Health and the Reluctance to Use Talk Therapy
w27696 Minu Philip
Debraj Ray
S. Subramanian

Decoding India's Low Covid-19 Case Fatality rate
w27685 Xiaoxue Sherry Gao
Glenn W. Harrison
Rusty Tchernis

Behavioral Welfare Economics and Risk Preferences: A Bayesian Approach
w27679 Yuan Tian
Maria Esther Caballero
Brian K. Kovak

Social Learning along International Migrant Networks
w27673 Brian Beach
Karen Clay
Martin H. Saavedra

The 1918 Influenza Pandemic and its Lessons for COVID-19
w27667 Lindsey Rose Bullinger
Jillian B. Carr
Analisa Packham

COVID-19 and Crime: Effects of Stay-at-Home Orders on Domestic Violence
w27650 Edward L. Glaeser
Ginger Zhe Jin
Benjamin T. Leyden
Michael Luca

Learning from Deregulation: The Asymmetric Impact of Lockdown and Reopening on Risky Behavior During COVID-19
w27633 Kasey Buckles
William N. Evans
Ethan M.J. Lieber

The Drug Crisis and the Living Arrangements of Children
w27632 Joshua S. Gans
The Economic Consequences of R̂ = 1: Towards a Workable Behavioural Epidemiological Model of Pandemics
w27621 Engy Ziedan
Kosali I. Simon
Coady Wing

Effects of State COVID-19 Closure Policy on NON-COVID-19 Health Care Utilization
w27619 Monica Deza
Johanna Catherine Maclean
Keisha T. Solomon

Local Access to Mental Healthcare and Crime
w27611 Joan Hamory
Edward Miguel
Michael W. Walker
Michael Kremer
Sarah J. Baird

Twenty Year Economic Impacts of Deworming
w27609 Clément de Chaisemartin
Jaime Ramirez-Cuellar

At What Level Should One Cluster Standard Errors in Paired Experiments, and in Stratified Experiments with Small Strata?
w27604 Hung-Hao Chang
Chad Meyerhoefer
Feng-An Yang

COVID-19 Prevention and Air Pollution in the Absence of a Lockdown
w27600 Angus Deaton
Randomization in the Tropics Revisited: a Theme and Eleven Variations
w27597 Andrew T. Levin
Kensington B. Cochran
Seamus P. Walsh

Assessing the Age Specificity of Infection Fatality Rates for COVID-19: Meta-Analysis & Public Policy Implications
w27594 Stefano DellaVigna
Elizabeth Linos

RCTs to Scale: Comprehensive Evidence from Two Nudge Units
w27592 Joseph A. Benitez
Charles J. Courtemanche
Aaron Yelowitz

Racial and Ethnic Disparities in COVID-19: Evidence from Six Large Cities
w27590 Alberto Bisin
Andrea Moro

Learning Epidemiology by Doing: The Empirical Implications of a Spatial-SIR Model with Behavioral Responses
w27584 Abby E. Alpert
Sarah E. Dykstra
Mireille Jacobson

How Do Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs Reduce Opioid Prescribing? The Role of Hassle Costs versus Information
w27578 Jason Abaluck
Mauricio M. Caceres Bravo
Peter Hull
Amanda Starc

Mortality Effects and Choice Across Private Health Insurance Plans
w27570 Pascaline Dupas
Basimenye Nhlema
Zachary Wagner
Aaron Wolf
Emily Wroe

Expanding Access to Clean Water for the Rural Poor: Experimental Evidence from Malawi
w27567 Michael E. Darden
Julie L. Hotchkiss
M. Melinda Pitts

The Dynamics of the Smoking Wage Penalty
w27563 Leila Agha
Soomi Kim
Danielle Li

Insurance Design and Pharmaceutical Innovation
w27562 Saravana Ravindran
Manisha Shah

Unintended Consequences of Lockdowns: COVID-19 and the Shadow Pandemic
w27549 Caitlin S. Brown
Martin Ravallion

Inequality and the Coronavirus: Socioeconomic Covariates of Behavioral Responses and Viral Outcomes Across US Counties
w27544 Janet Currie
Hannes Schwandt

The Opioid Epidemic Was Not Caused by Economic Distress But by Factors that Could be More Rapidly Addressed
w27539 John A. Tauras
Megan C. Diaz
Barbara Schillo
Donna Vallone

The Impact of State Tobacco Control Spending on High School Student Vaping
w27532 Anup Malani
Satej Soman
Sam Asher
Paul Novosad
Clement Imbert
Vaidehi Tandel
Anish Agarwal
Abdullah Alomar
Arnab Sarker
Devavrat Shah
Dennis Shen
Jonathan Gruber
Stuti Sachdeva
David Kaiser
Luis M.A. Bettencourt

Adaptive Control of COVID-19 Outbreaks in India: Local, Gradual, and Trigger-based Exit Paths from Lockdown
w27531 Christopher J. Cronin
William N. Evans

Private Precaution and Public Restrictions: What Drives Social Distancing and Industry Foot Traffic in the COVID-19 Era?
w27528 Karl M. Aspelund
Michael C. Droste
James H. Stock
Christopher D. Walker

Identification and Estimation of Undetected COVID-19 Cases Using Testing Data from Iceland
w27523 Anna Aizer
Shari Eli
Adriana Lleras-Muney

The Incentive Effects of Cash Transfers to the Poor
w27522 Dhaval M. Dave
Andrew I. Friedson
Kyutaro Matsuzawa
Drew McNichols
Connor Redpath
Joseph J. Sabia

Risk Aversion, Offsetting Community Effects, and COVID-19: Evidence from an Indoor Political Rally
w27520 Sumedha Gupta
Thuy D. Nguyen
Patricia R. Freeman
Kosali I. Simon

Competitive Effects of Federal and State Opioid Restrictions: Evidence from the Controlled Substance Laws
w27519 Edward L. Glaeser
Caitlin S. Gorback
Stephen J. Redding

How Much does COVID-19 Increase with Mobility? Evidence from New York and Four Other U.S. Cities
w27514 Adriana Lleras-Muney
Joseph Price
Dahai Yue

The Association Between Educational Attainment and Longevity using Individual Level Data from the 1940 Census
w27512 Adam Leive
Christopher J. Ruhm

Has Mortality Risen Disproportionately for the Least Educated?
w27509 Gordon Dahl
Claus Thustrup Kreiner
Torben Heien Nielsen
Benjamin Ly Serena

Linking Changes in Inequality in Life Expectancy and Mortality: Evidence from Denmark and the United States
w27507 Donald S. Kenkel
Alan D. Mathios
Hua Wang

E-Cigarettes and Respiratory Disease: A Replication, Extension, and Future Directions
w27505 Tatyana Deryugina
Jonathan Gruber
Adrienne Sabety

Natural Disasters and Elective Medical Services: How Big is the Bounce-Back?
w27504 Hani Mansour
Daniel I. Rees
James M. Reeves

Voting and Political Participation in the Aftermath of the HIV/AIDS Epidemic
w27498 Massimo Pulejo
Pablo Querubín

Electoral Concerns Reduce Restrictive Measures During the COVID-19 Pandemic
w27496 Abhijit Banerjee
Marcella Alsan
Emily Breza
Arun G. Chandrasekhar
Abhijit Chowdhury
Esther Duflo
Paul Goldsmith-Pinkham
Benjamin A. Olken

Messages on COVID-19 Prevention in India Increased Symptoms Reporting and Adherence to Preventive Behaviors Among 25 Million Recipients with Similar Effects on Non-recipient Members of Their Communities
w27249 Alex W. Chernoff
Casey Warman

COVID-19 and Implications for Automation
w27494 Pedro Bordalo
Katherine B. Coffman
Nicola Gennaioli
Andrei Shleifer

Older People are Less Pessimistic about the Health Risks of Covid-19
w27490 Toren L. Fronsdal
Jay Bhattacharya
Suzanne Tamang

Variation in Health Care Prices Across Public and Private Payers
w27483 Daron Acemoglu
Ali Makhdoumi
Azarakhsh Malekian
Asuman Ozdaglar

Testing, Voluntary Social Distancing and the Spread of an Infection
w27480 Philipp Ager
James J. Feigenbaum
Casper Worm Hansen
Hui Ren Tan

How the Other Half Died: Immigration and Mortality in US Cities
w27469 N. Meltem Daysal
Michael F. Lovenheim
Nikolaj Siersbæk
David N. Wasser

Home Prices, Fertility, and Early-Life Health Outcomes
w27467 Jason Abaluck
Leila Agha
David C. Chan Jr
Daniel Singer
Diana Zhu

Mastering the Art of Cookbook Medicine: Machine Learning, Randomized Trials, and Misallocation
w27458 Joseph J. Doyle Jr.
Physician Characteristics and Patient Survival: Evidence from Physician Availability
w27457 Ned Augenblick
Jonathan T. Kolstad
Ziad Obermeyer
Ao Wang

Group Testing in a Pandemic: The Role of Frequent Testing, Correlated Risk, and Machine Learning
w27448 Truc Thi Mai Bui
Patrick Button
Elyce G. Picciotti

Early Evidence on the Impact of COVID-19 and the Recession on Older Workers
w27427 Hung-Hao Chang
Chad Meyerhoefer

COVID-19 and the Demand for Online Food Shopping Services: Empirical Evidence from Taiwan
w27426 Jeffrey Clemens
Stan Veuger

Implications of the Covid-19 Pandemic for State Government Tax Revenues
w27419 Wei Cheng
Patrick Carlin
Joanna Carroll
Sumedha Gupta
Felipe Lozano Rojas
Laura Montenovo
Thuy D. Nguyen
Ian M. Schmutte
Olga Scrivner
Kosali I. Simon
Coady Wing
Bruce Weinberg

Back to Business and (Re)employing Workers? Labor Market Activity During State COVID-19 Reopenings
w27417 Leonardo Bursztyn
Aakaash Rao
Christopher P. Roth
David H. Yanagizawa-Drott

Misinformation During a Pandemic
w27408 Dhaval M. Dave
Andrew I. Friedson
Kyutaro Matsuzawa
Joseph J. Sabia
Samuel Safford

Black Lives Matter Protests, Social Distancing, and COVID-19
w27407 John McLaren
Racial Disparity in COVID-19 Deaths: Seeking Economic Roots with Census data.
w27393 Wenzhi Ding
Ross Levine
Chen Lin
Wensi Xie

Social Distancing and Social Capital: Why U.S. Counties Respond Differently to COVID-19
w27391 Christopher R. Knittel
Bora Ozaltun

What Does and Does Not Correlate with COVID-19 Death Rates
w27382 Jules H. van Binsbergen
Christian C. Opp

The Effectiveness of Life-Preserving Investments in Times of COVID-19
w27378 Nicholas W. Papageorge
Matthew V. Zahn
Michèle Belot
Eline van den Broek-Altenburg
Syngjoo Choi
Julian C. Jamison
Egon Tripodi

Socio-Demographic Factors Associated with Self-Protecting Behavior during the Covid-19 Pandemic
w27374 Mohammad Akbarpour
Cody Cook
Aude Marzuoli
Simon Mongey
Abhishek Nagaraj
Matteo Saccarola
Pietro Tebaldi
Shoshana Vasserman
Hanbin Yang

Socioeconomic Network Heterogeneity and Pandemic Policy Response
w27373 Glenn Ellison
Implications of Heterogeneous SIR Models for Analyses of COVID-19
w27364 Darin Christensen
Oeindrila Dube
Johannes Haushofer
Bilal Siddiqi
Maarten J. Voors

Building Resilient Health Systems: Experimental Evidence from Sierra Leone and the 2014 Ebola Outbreak
w27362 Dylan Balla-Elliott
Zoë B. Cullen
Edward L. Glaeser
Michael Luca
Christopher T. Stanton

Business Reopening Decisions and Demand Forecasts During the COVID-19 Pandemic
w27359 Vincenzo Galasso
Vincent Pons
Paola Profeta
Michael Becher
Sylvain Brouard
Martial Foucault

Gender Differences in COVID-19 Related Attitudes and Behavior: Evidence from a Panel Survey in Eight OECD Countries
w27357 Tatyana Deryugina
Nolan H. Miller
David Molitor
Julian Reif

Geographic and Socioeconomic Heterogeneity in the Benefits of Reducing Air Pollution in the United States
w27348 Richard Blundell
Margherita Borella
Jeanne Commault
Mariacristina De Nardi

Why Does Consumption Fluctuate in Old Age and How Should the Government Insure It?
w27340 Robert E. Hall
Charles I. Jones
Peter J. Klenow

Trading Off Consumption and COVID-19 Deaths
w27336 John Cawley
Euna Han
Jiyoon Kim
Edward C. Norton

Sibling Correlation in Educational Attainment: A Test of Genetic Nurture
w27334 Michael Darden
Cities and Smoking
w27329 Klaus Desmet
Romain Wacziarg

Understanding Spatial Variation in COVID-19 across the United States
w27326 Mireille Jacobson
Maria Kogelnik
Heather Royer

Holiday, Just One Day Out of Life: Birth Timing and Post-natal Outcomes
w27322 Dhaval M. Dave
Andrew I. Friedson
Kyutaro Matsuzawa
Drew McNichols
Joseph J. Sabia

Did the Wisconsin Supreme Court Restart a COVID-19 Epidemic? Evidence from a Natural Experiment
w27315 Benjamin W. Cowan
Short-run Effects of COVID-19 on U.S. Worker Transitions
w27311 Tatiana Homonoff
Jason Somerville

Program Recertification Costs: Evidence from SNAP
w27306 Benjamin W. Cowan
Zhuang Hao

Medicaid Expansion and the Mental Health of College Students
w27293 Charles F. Manski
Aleksey Tetenov

Statistical Decision Properties of Imprecise Trials Assessing COVID-19 Drugs
w27289 Michael Barnett
Greg Buchak
Constantine Yannelis

Epidemic Responses Under Uncertainty
w27282 Debraj Ray
S. Subramanian

India's Lockdown: An Interim Report
w27280 Sumedha Gupta
Laura Montenovo
Thuy D. Nguyen
Felipe Lozano Rojas
Ian M. Schmutte
Kosali I. Simon
Bruce A. Weinberg
Coady Wing

Effects of Social Distancing Policy on Labor Market Outcomes
w27279 Resul Cesur
Joseph J. Sabia
Erdal Tekin

Post-9/11 War Deployments Increased Crime among Veterans
w27277 Georgy Egorov
Ruben Enikolopov
Alexey Makarin
Maria Petrova

Divided We Stay Home: Social Distancing and Ethnic Diversity
w27271 Grant Miller
Áureo de Paula
Christine Valente

Subjective Expectations and Demand for Contraception
w27267 Alexander Ahammer
Analisa Packham

Dying to Work: Effects of Unemployment Insurance on Health
w27264 Sangmin Aum
Sang Yoon (Tim) Lee
Yongseok Shin

COVID-19 Doesn't Need Lockdowns to Destroy Jobs: The Effect of Local Outbreaks in Korea
w27259 Will Davis
Alexander D. Gordan
Rusty Tchernis

Measuring the Spatial Distribution of Health Rankings in the United States
w27248 Laura Liu
Hyungsik Roger Moon
Frank Schorfheide

Panel Forecasts of Country-Level Covid-19 Infections
w27244 David Baqaee
Emmanuel Farhi
Michael J. Mina
James H. Stock

Reopening Scenarios
w27240 Jason M. Lindo
Isaac D. Swensen
Glen R. Waddell

Persistent Effects of Violent Media Content
w27237 Andrey Simonov
Szymon K. Sacher
Jean-Pierre H. Dubé
Shirsho Biswas

The Persuasive Effect of Fox News: Non-Compliance with Social Distancing During the Covid-19 Pandemic
w27236 Ferdinando Monte
Mobility Zones
w27235 Thuy D. Nguyen
Sumedha Gupta
Martin Andersen
Ana Bento
Kosali I. Simon
Coady Wing

Impacts of State Reopening Policy on Human Mobility
w27229 Dhaval M. Dave
Andrew I. Friedson
Kyutaro Matsuzawa
Joseph J. Sabia
Samuel Safford

Were Urban Cowboys Enough to Control COVID-19? Local Shelter-in-Place Orders and Coronavirus Case Growth
w27226 Charles F. Manski
Bounding the Predictive Values of COVID-19 Antibody Tests
w27220 David O. Argente
Chang-Tai Hsieh
Munseob Lee

The Cost of Privacy: Welfare Effects of the Disclosure of COVID-19 Cases
w27218 Harrison Hong
Neng Wang
Jinqiang Yang

Implications of Stochastic Transmission Rates for Managing Pandemic Risks
w27217 Hamid R. Oskorouchi
Alfonso Sousa-Poza
David E. Bloom

The Long-Term Cognitive and Schooling Effects of Childhood Vaccinations in China
w27212 Jonathan T. Vu
Benjamin K. Kaplan
Shomesh Chaudhuri
Monique K. Mansoura
Andrew W. Lo

Financing Vaccines for Global Health Security
w27211 Ying Fan
A. Yeşim Orhun
Dana Turjeman

Heterogeneous Actions, Beliefs, Constraints and Risk Tolerance During the COVID-19 Pandemic
w27205 Danae Hernandez-Cortes
Kyle C. Meng

Do Environmental Markets Cause Environmental Injustice? Evidence from California's Carbon Market
w27204 Andrew I. Friedson
Daniel I. Rees

Cigarette Taxes and Smoking in the Long Run
w27198 Aprajit Mahajan
Christian Michel
Alessandro Tarozzi

Identification of Time-Inconsistent Models: The Case of Insecticide Treated Nets
w27187 Chad D. Cotti
Bryan Engelhardt
Joshua Foster
Erik T. Nesson
Paul S. Niekamp

The Relationship between In-Person Voting and COVID-19: Evidence from the Wisconsin Primary
w27176 Andrew W. Lo
Kien Wei Siah
Chi Heem Wong

Estimating Probabilities of Success of Vaccine and Other Anti-Infective Therapeutic Development Programs
w27175 Shomesh Chaudhuri
Andrew W. Lo
Danying Xiao
Qingyang Xu

Bayesian Adaptive Clinical Trials for Anti-Infective Therapeutics during Epidemic Outbreaks
w27174 Manuel Flores Mallo
Barbara L. Wolfe

The Influence of Early Life Health Conditions on Life Course Health
w27173 Pinka Chatterji
Yue Li

Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Outpatient Providers in the US
w27172 Martin Gaynor
Nirav Mehta
Seth Richards-Shubik

Optimal Contracting with Altruistic Agents: A Structural Model of Medicare Payments for Dialysis Drugs
w27166 Jeffrey E. Harris
Reopening Under COVID-19: What to Watch For
w27157 Matthew W. Ridley
Gautam Rao
Frank Schilbach
Vikram H. Patel

Poverty, Depression, and Anxiety: Causal Evidence and Mechanisms
w27143 Scott Duke Kominers
Parag A. Pathak
Tayfun Sönmez
M. Utku Ünver

Paying It Backward and Forward: Expanding Access to Convalescent Plasma Therapy Through Market Design
w27141 Olivier Coibion
Yuriy Gorodnichenko
Michael Weber

The Cost of the Covid-19 Crisis: Lockdowns, Macroeconomic Expectations, and Consumer Spending
w27138 Martin Andersen
Johanna Catherine Maclean
Michael F. Pesko
Kosali I. Simon

Effect of a Federal Paid Sick Leave Mandate on Working and Staying at Home: Evidence from Cellular Device Data
w27134 Laura Alfaro
Ester Faia
Nora Lamersdorf
Farzad Saidi

Social Interactions in Pandemics: Fear, Altruism, and Reciprocity
w27132 Laura Montenovo
Xuan Jiang
Felipe Lozano Rojas
Ian M. Schmutte
Kosali I. Simon
Bruce A. Weinberg
Coady Wing

Determinants of Disparities in Covid-19 Job Losses
w27130 Henrik Kleven
Camille Landais
Jakob Egholt Søgaard

Does Biology Drive Child Penalties? Evidence from Biological and Adoptive Families
w27128 Jesús Fernández-Villaverde
Charles I. Jones

Estimating and Simulating a SIRD Model of COVID-19 for Many Countries, States, and Cities
w27127 Felipe Lozano Rojas
Xuan Jiang
Laura Montenovo
Kosali I. Simon
Bruce A. Weinberg
Coady Wing

Is the Cure Worse than the Problem Itself? Immediate Labor Market Effects of COVID-19 Case Rates and School Closures in the U.S.
w27126 John Cawley
Alex M. Susskind
Barton Willage

Does Information Disclosure Improve Consumer Knowledge? Evidence from a Randomized Experiment of Restaurant Menu Calorie Labels
w27124 Zhihan Cui
Geoffrey Heal
Howard Kunreuther

Covid-19, Shelter-In Place Strategies and Tipping
w27121 Robert S. Pindyck
COVID-19 and the Welfare Effects of Reducing Contagion
w27119 Peter Zhixian Lin
Christopher M. Meissner

A Note on Long-Run Persistence of Public Health Outcomes in Pandemics
w27117 Markus Gehrsitz
Henry Saffer
Michael Grossman

The Effect of Changes in Alcohol Tax Differentials on Alcohol Consumption
w27104 Martin S. Eichenbaum
Sergio Rebelo
Mathias Trabandt

The Macroeconomics of Testing and Quarantining
w27102 Daron Acemoglu
Victor Chernozhukov
Iván Werning
Michael D. Whinston

Optimal Targeted Lockdowns in a Multi-Group SIR Model
w27100 Sangmin Aum
Sang Yoon (Tim) Lee
Yongseok Shin

Inequality of Fear and Self-Quarantine: Is There a Trade-off between GDP and Public Health?
w27099 Zhixian Lin
Christopher M. Meissner

Health vs. Wealth? Public Health Policies and the Economy During Covid-19
w27098 Shooshan Danagoulian
Daniel S. Grossman
David Slusky

Office Visits Preventing Emergency Room Visits: Evidence From the Flint Water Switch
w27097 Scott R. Baker
R. A. Farrokhnia
Steffen Meyer
Michaela Pagel
Constantine Yannelis

Income, Liquidity, and the Consumption Response to the 2020 Economic Stimulus Payments
w27093 David Dranove
Craig Garthwaite
Manuel I. Hermosilla

Expected Profits and The Scientific Novelty of Innovation
w27091 Dhaval M. Dave
Andrew I. Friedson
Kyutaro Matsuzawa
Joseph J. Sabia

When Do Shelter-in-Place Orders Fight COVID-19 Best? Policy Heterogeneity Across States and Adoption Time
w27086 Douglas Almond
Xinming Du
Shuang Zhang

Ambiguous Pollution Response to COVID-19 in China
w27082 Thiemo R. Fetzer
Marc Witte
Lukas Hensel
Jon Jachimowicz
Johannes Haushofer
Andriy Ivchenko
Stefano Caria
Elena Reutskaja
Christopher P. Roth
Stefano Fiorin
Margarita Gómez
Gordon Kraft-Todd
Friedrich M. Götz
Erez Yoeli

Global Behaviors and Perceptions at the Onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic
w27079 Shilpa Aggarwal
Rebecca Dizon-Ross
Ariel D. Zucker

Incentivizing Behavioral Change: The Role of Time Preferences
w27072 M. Keith Chen
Devin G. Pope

Geographic Mobility in America: Evidence from Cell Phone Data
w27066 Harrison Hong
Neng Wang
Jinqiang Yang

Mitigating Disaster Risks to Sustain Growth
w27063 Adriano A. Rampini
Sequential Lifting of COVID-19 Interventions with Population Heterogeneity
w27062 Christian A. Moser
Pierre Yared

Pandemic Lockdown: The Role of Government Commitment
w27060 Casey B. Mulligan
Economic Activity and the Value of Medical Innovation during a Pandemic
w27049 Robert J. Barro
Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions and Mortality in U.S. Cities during the Great Influenza Pandemic, 1918-1919
w27047 Dirk Krueger
Harald Uhlig
Taojun Xie

Macroeconomic Dynamics and Reallocation in an Epidemic
w27046 Andrew Glover
Jonathan Heathcote
Dirk Krueger
José-Víctor Ríos-Rull

Health versus Wealth: On the Distributional Effects of Controlling a Pandemic
w27043 Joshua R. Goldstein
Ronald D. Lee

Demographic Perspectives on Mortality of Covid-19 and Other Epidemics
w27039 Alexander Chudik
M. Hashem Pesaran
Alessandro Rebucci

Voluntary and Mandatory Social Distancing: Evidence on COVID-19 Exposure Rates from Chinese Provinces and Selected Countries
w27028 Ali Hortaçsu
Jiarui Liu
Timothy Schwieg

Estimating the Fraction of Unreported Infections in Epidemics with a Known Epicenter: an Application to COVID-19
w27027 Sumedha Gupta
Thuy D. Nguyen
Felipe Lozano Rojas
Shyam Raman
Byungkyu Lee
Ana Bento
Kosali I. Simon
Coady Wing

Tracking Public and Private Responses to the COVID-19 Epidemic: Evidence from State and Local Government Actions
w27023 Charles F. Manski
Francesca Molinari

Estimating the COVID-19 Infection Rate: Anatomy of an Inference Problem
w27021 Jeffrey E. Harris
The Subways Seeded the Massive Coronavirus Epidemic in New York City
w27018 Daniel S. Hamermesh
Lock-downs, Loneliness and Life Satisfaction
w27009 Zachary A. Bethune
Anton Korinek

Covid-19 Infection Externalities: Trading Off Lives vs. Livelihoods
w27008 John M. Barrios
Yael Hochberg

Risk Perception Through the Lens of Politics in the Time of the COVID-19 Pandemic
w27007 Christopher Avery
William Bossert
Adam Clark
Glenn Ellison
Sara Fisher Ellison

Policy Implications of Models of the Spread of Coronavirus: Perspectives and Opportunities for Economists
w27000 Hunt Allcott
Charlie Rafkin

Optimal Regulation of E-cigarettes: Theory and Evidence
w26992 Andrew I. Friedson
Drew McNichols
Joseph J. Sabia
Dhaval Dave

Did California's Shelter-in-Place Order Work? Early Coronavirus-Related Public Health Effects
w26990 Theresa Kuchler
Dominic Russel
Johannes Stroebel

The Geographic Spread of COVID-19 Correlates with the Structure of Social Networks as Measured by Facebook
w26989 Alexander W. Bartik
Marianne Bertrand
Zoë B. Cullen
Edward L. Glaeser
Michael Luca
Christopher T. Stanton

How Are Small Businesses Adjusting to COVID-19? Early Evidence from a Survey
w26988 David Powell
Rosalie Liccardo Pacula

The Evolving Consequences of OxyContin Reformulation on Drug Overdoses
w26987 Sydney C. Ludvigson
Sai Ma
Serena Ng

COVID-19 and The Macroeconomic Effects of Costly Disasters
w26984 Callum J. Jones
Thomas Philippon
Venky Venkateswaran

Optimal Mitigation Policies in a Pandemic: Social Distancing and Working from Home
w26978 Christopher S. Carpenter
Gilbert Gonzales Jr.
Tara McKay
Dario Sansone

Effects of the Affordable Care Act Dependent Coverage Mandate on Health Insurance Coverage for Individuals in Same-Sex Couples
w26977 Dhaval M. Dave
Daniel L. Dench
Donald S. Kenkel
Alan D. Mathios
Hua Wang

News that Takes Your Breath Away: Risk Perceptions During an Outbreak of Vaping-related Lung Injuries
w26971 Tarek Alexander Hassan
Stephan Hollander
Laurence van Lent
Ahmed Tahoun

Firm-level Exposure to Epidemic Diseases: Covid-19, SARS, and H1N1
w26952 George J. Borjas
Demographic Determinants of Testing Incidence and COVID-19 Infections in New York City Neighborhoods
w26951 Parag A. Pathak
Tayfun Sönmez
M. Utku Unver
M. Bumin Yenmez

Leaving No Ethical Value Behind: Triage Protocol Design for Pandemic Rationing
w26946 Hunt Allcott
Levi Boxell
Jacob C. Conway
Matthew Gentzkow
Michael Thaler
David Y. Yang

Polarization and Public Health: Partisan Differences in Social Distancing during the Coronavirus Pandemic
w26923 Philip DeCicca
Donald S. Kenkel
Michael F. Lovenheim

The Economics of Tobacco Regulation: A Comprehensive Review
w26917 Jeffrey E. Harris
The Coronavirus Epidemic Curve is Already Flattening in New York City
w26916 Guglielmo Briscese
Nicola Lacetera
Mario Macis
Mirco Tonin

Compliance with COVID-19 Social-Distancing Measures in Italy: The Role of Expectations and Duration
w26912 Dean R. Lillard
The Economics of Nicotine Consumption
w26906 Hanming Fang
Long Wang
Yang Yang

Human Mobility Restrictions and the Spread of the Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) in China
w26901 David W. Berger
Kyle F. Herkenhoff
Simon Mongey

An SEIR Infectious Disease Model with Testing and Conditional Quarantine
w26896 Sara Markowitz
E. Kathleen Adams

The Effects of State Scope of Practice Laws on the Labor Supply of Advanced Practice Registered Nurses
w26888 David G. Blanchflower
Carol L. Graham

The Mid-Life Dip in Well-Being: Economists (Who Find It) Versus Psychologists (Who Don't)!
w26882 Martin S. Eichenbaum
Sergio Rebelo
Mathias Trabandt

The Macroeconomics of Epidemics
w26880 Jorge Luis García
James J. Heckman

Early Childhood Education and Life-cycle Health
w26879 John Bailey Jones
Mariacristina De Nardi
Eric French
Rory McGee
Rachel Rodgers

Medical Spending, Bequests, and Asset Dynamics Around the Time of Death
w26870 Juan Pablo Atal
Hanming Fang
Martin Karlsson
Nicolas R. Ziebarth

Long-Term Health Insurance: Theory Meets Evidence
w26869 Charles J. Courtemanche
David E. Frisvold
David Jimenez-Gomez
Mariétou Ouayogodé
Michael Price

Chain Restaurant Calorie Posting Laws, Obesity, and Consumer Welfare
w26866 Robert J. Barro
José F. Ursúa
Joanna Weng

The Coronavirus and the Great Influenza Pandemic: Lessons from the "Spanish Flu" for the Coronavirus's Potential Effects on Mortality and Economic Activity
w26862 Jonathan Gruber
Benjamin D. Sommers

Fiscal Federalism and the Budget Impacts of the Affordable Care Act's Medicaid Expansion
w26849 Jason Abaluck
Giovanni Compiani

A Method to Estimate Discrete Choice Models that is Robust to Consumer Search
w26836 Robert Kaestner
Cuiping Schiman
Jason M. Ward

Education and Health Over the Life Cycle
w26835 Pierre Mouganie
Ruba Ajeeb
Mark Hoekstra

The Effect of Open-Air Waste Burning on Infant Health: Evidence from Government Failure in Lebanon
w26832 Johanna Catherine Maclean
Stefan Pichler
Nicolas R. Ziebarth

Mandated Sick Pay: Coverage, Utilization, and Welfare Effects
w26812 Casey B. Mulligan
Prices and Federal Policies in Opioid Markets
w26811 Christopher Carpenter
Hai V. Nguyen

Intended and Unintended Effects of Banning Menthol Cigarettes
w26810 Isaac Ehrlich
Yun Pei

Human Capital as Engine of Growth - The Role of Knowledge Transfers in Promoting Balanced Growth Within and Across Countries
w26780 D. Mark Anderson
Kyutaro Matsuzawa
Joseph J. Sabia

Cigarette Taxes and Teen Marijuana Use
w26779 Frank A. Sloan
Drinking and Driving
w26777 Daniel I. Rees
Joseph J. Sabia
Gokhan Kumpas

Anti-Bullying Laws and Suicidal Behaviors among Teenagers
w26775 Michael Kremer
Jonathan D. Levin
Christopher M. Snyder

Advance Market Commitments: Insights from Theory and Experience
w26772 Mengcen Qian
Shin-Yi Chou
Ernest K. Lai

Confirmatory Bias in Health Decisions: Evidence from the MMR-Autism Controversy
w26769 Pinka Chatterji
Sandra Decker
Jason U. Huh

Medicaid Physician Fees and Access to Care among Children with Special Health Care Needs
w26752 Jay Bhattacharya
Mikko Packalen

Stagnation and Scientific Incentives
w26749 Engy Ziedan
Robert Kaestner

Effect of Prescription Opioids and Prescription Opioid Control Policies on Infant Health
w26746 Pedro Bessone
Gautam Rao
Frank Schilbach
Heather Schofield
Mattie Toma

The Economic Consequences of Increasing Sleep Among the Urban Poor
w26736 Thomas G. McGuire
Anna L. Zink
Sherri Rose

Simplifying and Improving the Performance of Risk Adjustment Systems
w26735 Emilia Simeonova
Niels Skipper
Peter R. Thingholm

Physician Health Management Skills and Patient Outcomes
w26724 Chad D. Cotti
Charles J. Courtemanche
Johanna Catherine Maclean
Erik T. Nesson
Michael F. Pesko
Nathan Tefft

The Effects of E-Cigarette Taxes on E-Cigarette Prices and Tobacco Product Sales: Evidence from Retail Panel Data
w26715 Janet Currie
Henrik Kleven
Esmée Zwiers

Technology and Big Data Are Changing Economics: Mining Text to Track Methods
w26712 Nishant Yonzan
Laxman Timilsina
Inas Rashad Kelly

Economic Incentives Surrounding Fertility: Evidence from Alaska's Permanent Fund Dividend
w26697 Hung-Hao Chang
Chad Meyerhoefer

Do Elections Make You Sick?
w26692 Christopher Carpenter
Dario Sansone

Cigarette Taxes and Smoking Among Sexual Minority Adults
w26691 George Wehby
Robert Kaestner
Wei Lyu
Dhaval M. Dave

Effects of the Minimum Wage on Child Health
w26690 Yi Chen
Hanming Fang

The State of Mental Health Among the Elderly Chinese
w26685 Benjamin W. Cowan
Nathan Tefft

College Access and Adult Health
w26679 Jeffrey Clemens
Parker Rogers

Demand Shocks, Procurement Policies, and the Nature of Medical Innovation: Evidence from Wartime Prosthetic Device Patents
w26670 Charles J. Courtemanche
Joshua C. Pinkston
Jay Stewart

Time Spent Exercising and Obesity: An Application of Lewbel's Instrumental Variables Method
w26662 Sarah Miller
Laura R. Wherry
Diana Greene Foster

The Economic Consequences of Being Denied an Abortion
w26659 Janet Currie
John Voorheis
Reed Walker

What Caused Racial Disparities in Particulate Exposure to Fall? New Evidence from the Clean Air Act and Satellite-Based Measures of Air Quality
w26639 Hansoo Ko
Renata E. Howland
Sherry A. Glied

The Effects of Income on Children's Health: Evidence from Supplemental Security Income Eligibility under New York State Medicaid
w26638 Hannes Schwandt
Till M. von Wachter

Socioeconomic Decline and Death: Midlife Impacts of Graduating in a Recession
w26622 Anne A. Brenøe
Serena P. Canaan
Nikolaj A. Harmon
Heather N. Royer

Is Parental Leave Costly for Firms and Coworkers?
w26618 Janet Currie
David Slusky

Does the Marginal Hospitalization Save Lives? The Case of Respiratory Admissions for the Elderly
w26589 Henry Saffer
Daniel L. Dench
Michael Grossman
Dhaval M. Dave

E-Cigarettes and Adult Smoking: Evidence from Minnesota
w26563 Maya Rossin-Slater
Molly Schnell
Hannes Schwandt
Sam Trejo
Lindsey Uniat

Local Exposure to School Shootings and Youth Antidepressant Use
w26562 Karthik Muralidharan
Mauricio Romero
Kaspar Wüthrich

Factorial Designs, Model Selection, and (Incorrect) Inference in Randomized Experiments
w26553 Thomas C. Buchmueller
Helen G. Levy
Robert G. Valletta

Medicaid Expansion and the Unemployed
w26551 Gilbert E. Metcalf
Qitong Wang

Abandoned by Coal, Swallowed by Opioids?
w26541 Panle Jia Barwick
Shanjun Li
Liguo Lin
Eric Zou

From Fog to Smog: the Value of Pollution Information
w26533 Jacob Goldin
Ithai Z. Lurie
Janet McCubbin

Health Insurance and Mortality: Experimental Evidence from Taxpayer Outreach
w26522 Frank J. Chaloupka IV
Matthew R. Levy
Justin S. White

Estimating Biases in Smoking Cessation: Evidence from a Field Experiment
w26504 Lucie Schmidt
Lara Shore-Sheppard
Tara Watson

The Impact of Expanding Public Health Insurance on Safety Net Program Participation: Evidence from the ACA Medicaid Expansion
w26500 Abby E. Alpert
William N. Evans
Ethan M.J. Lieber
David Powell

Origins of the Opioid Crisis and Its Enduring Impacts
w26491 Jason Fletcher
Jinho Kim
Jenna Nobles
Stephen Ross
Irina Shaorshadze

The Effects of Foreign-Born Peers in US High Schools and Middle Schools
w26489 D. Mark Anderson
Kerwin Kofi Charles
Daniel I. Rees
Tianyi Wang

Water Purification Efforts and the Black-White Infant Mortality Gap, 1906-1938
w26476 Daniel L. Dench
Theodore J. Joyce

The Earned Income Tax Credit and Infant Health Revisited
w26467 David C. Chan Jr
Matthew Gentzkow
Chuan Yu

Selection with Variation in Diagnostic Skill: Evidence from Radiologists
w26460 Zachary Wagner
Somalee Banerjee
Manoj Mohanan
Neeraj Sood

Does The Market Reward Quality?: Evidence from India
w26443 Irina B. Grafova
Alan C. Monheit
Rizie Kumar

How Do Economic Shocks Affect Family Health Care Spending Burdens?
w26442 Jason Fletcher
Katie M. Jajtner

Intergenerational Health Mobility: Magnitudes and Importance of Schools and Place
w26430 Kurt J. Lavetti
Thomas DeLeire
Nicolas R. Ziebarth

How Do Low-Income Enrollees in the Affordable Care Act Marketplaces Respond to Cost-Sharing?
w26395 Matthew J. Neidell
Shinsuke Uchida
Marcella Veronesi

Be Cautious with the Precautionary Principle: Evidence from Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Accident
w26393 John Cawley
David Frisvold
David Jones

The Impact of Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Taxes on Purchases: Evidence from Four City-Level Taxes in the U.S.
w26388 Thomas Bossuroy
Clara Delavallade
Vincent Pons

Biometric Tracking, Healthcare Provision, and Data Quality: Experimental Evidence from Tuberculosis Control
w26384 Jiyoon Kim
Ajin Lee
Maya Rossin-Slater

What to Expect When It Gets Hotter: The Impacts of Prenatal Exposure to Extreme Heat on Maternal Health
w26368 Krzysztof Karbownik
Anthony Wray

Educational, Labor-market and Intergenerational Consequences of Poor Childhood Health
w26367 Maria Polyakova
Stephen P. Ryan

Subsidy Targeting with Market Power
w26364 D. Mark Anderson
Kyutaro Matsuzawa
Joseph J. Sabia

Marriage Equality Laws and Youth Suicidal Behaviors
w26363 Mattan Alalouf
Sarah Miller
Laura R. Wherry

What Difference Does a Diagnosis Make? Evidence from Marginal Patients
w26362 Joanna Venator
Jason Fletcher

Undue Burden Beyond Texas: An Analysis of Abortion Clinic Closures, Births, And Abortions in Wisconsin
w26360 Partha Deb
Anjelica Gangaram
Hoda Khajavi

Can Diffuse Delivery System Reforms Improve Population Health? A Study of the State Innovation Models Initiative
w26356 Thuy D. Nguyen
W. David Bradford
Kosali I. Simon

How do Opioid Prescribing Restrictions Affect Pharmaceutical Promotion? Lessons from the Mandatory Access Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs
w26350 Hanming Fang
Andrew J. Shephard

Household Labor Search, Spousal Insurance, and Health Care Reform
w26343 Dhaval M. Dave
Muzhe Yang

Maternal and Fetal Health Effects of Working during Pregnancy
w26338 Leila Agha
Dan Zeltzer

Drug Diffusion Through Peer Networks: The Influence of Industry Payments
w26292 Rebecca Mary Myerson
Reginald Tucker-Seeley
Dana Goldman
Darius N. Lakdawalla

Does Medicare Coverage Improve Cancer Detection and Mortality Outcomes?
w26282 Clément de Chaisemartin
Luc Behaghel

Estimating the Effect of Treatments Allocated by Randomized Waiting Lists.
w26269 Itzik Fadlon
Jessica N. Van Parys

Primary Care Physician Practice Styles and Patient Care: Evidence from Physician Exits in Medicare
w26264 Resul Cesur
Joseph J. Sabia
W. David Bradford

Did the War on Terror Ignite an Opioid Epidemic?
w26244 Patrick Kline
Raffaele Saggio
Mikkel Sølvsten

Leave-out Estimation of Variance Components
w26233 John Cawley
David E. Frisvold
Anna Hill
David Jones

Oakland's Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Tax: Impacts on Prices, Purchases and Consumption by Adults and Children
w26228 Jason M. Lindo
Mayra Pineda-Torres

New Evidence on the Effects of Mandatory Waiting Periods for Abortion
w26223 Tiziano Arduini
Alberto Bisin
Onur Özgür
Eleonora Patacchini

Dynamic Social Interactions and Health Risk Behavior
w26205 Joshua S. Graff Zivin
Tong Liu
Yingquan Song
Qu Tang
Peng Zhang

The Unintended Impacts of Agricultural Fires: Human Capital in China
w26204 Abhijit Banerjee
Amy Finkelstein
Rema Hanna
Benjamin A. Olken
Arianna Ornaghi
Sudarno Sumarto

The Challenges of Universal Health Insurance in Developing Countries: Evidence from a Large-scale Randomized Experiment in Indonesia
w26202 Domenico Depalo
Jay Bhattacharya
Vincenzo Atella
Federico Belotti

When Technological Advance Meets Physician Learning in Drug Prescribing
w26192 Lucie Schmidt
Lara Shore-Sheppard
Tara Watson

The Impact of the ACA Medicaid Expansion on Disability Program Applications
w26189 Gabriel K. Innes
Pranay R. Randad
Anton Korinek
Meghan F. Davis
Lance B. Price
Anthony D. So
Christopher D. Heaney

External Societal Costs of Antimicrobial Resistance in Humans Attributable to Antimicrobial Use in Livestock
w26187 Michael Luca
Deepak Malhotra
Christopher Poliquin

The Impact of Mass Shootings on Gun Policy
w26182 Kritee Gujral
Anirban Basu

Impact of Rural and Urban Hospital Closures on Inpatient Mortality
w26168 Sendhil Mullainathan
Ziad Obermeyer

A Machine Learning Approach to Low-Value Health Care: Wasted Tests, Missed Heart Attacks and Mis-Predictions
w26161 Mariana Carrera
Heather Royer
Mark Stehr
Justin Sydnor
Dmitry Taubinsky

How are Preferences For Commitment Revealed?
w26159 Thomas C. Buchmueller
Colleen M. Carey
Giacomo Meille

How Well Do Doctors Know Their Patients? Evidence from a Mandatory Access Prescription Drug Monitoring Program
w26157 Charles J. Courtemanche
Ishtiaque Fazlul
James Marton
Benjamin D. Ukert
Aaron Yelowitz
Daniela Zapata

The Impact of the ACA on Insurance Coverage Disparities After Four Years
w26145 Charles J. Courtemanche
James Marton
Aaron Yelowitz

Medicaid Coverage across the Income Distribution under the Affordable Care Act
w26144 Nathaniel Hendren
Ben Sprung-Keyser

A Unified Welfare Analysis of Government Policies
w26140 Marianne Bitler
Christopher Carpenter

Effects of Direct Care Provision to the Uninsured: Evidence from Federal Breast and Cervical Cancer Programs
w26135 Robert Kaestner
Engy Ziedan

Mortality and Socioeconomic Consequences of Prescription Opioids: Evidence from State Policies
w26126 Rahi Abouk
Scott Adams
Bo Feng
Johanna Catherine Maclean
Michael F. Pesko

The Effect of E-Cigarette Taxes on Pre-pregnancy and Prenatal Smoking
w26125 Pamela Giustinelli
Charles F. Manski
Francesca Molinari

Precise or Imprecise Probabilities? Evidence from Survey Response on Late-onset Dementia
w26122 Jillian Chown
David Dranove
Craig Garthwaite
Jordan Keener

The Opportunities and Limitations of Monopsony Power in Healthcare: Evidence from the United States and Canada
w26111 Analisa Packham
Are Syringe Exchange Programs Helpful or Harmful? New Evidence in the Wake of the Opioid Epidemic
w26100 Yiwei Chen
Hui Ding
Min Yu
Jieming Zhong
Ruying Hu
Xiangyu Chen
Chunmei Wang
Kaixu Xie
Karen Eggleston

The Effects of Primary Care Chronic-Disease Management in Rural China
w26096 Abhijit Banerjee
Eliana La Ferrara
Victor H. Orozco-Olvera

The Entertaining Way to Behavioral Change: Fighting HIV with MTV
w26095 Diane Alexander
Molly Schnell

The Impacts of Physician Payments on Patient Access, Use, and Health
w26094 Victoria Perez
Justin M. Ross
Kosali I. Simon

Do Local Governments Represent Voter Preferences? Evidence from Hospital Financing under the Affordable Care Act
w26089 Mark R. Rosenzweig
Junsen Zhang

The Effects of Schooling on Costless Health Maintenance: Overweight Adolescents and Children in Rural China
w26088 Marcus Dillender
Andrew I. Friedson
Cong T. Gian
Kosali I. Simon

Does the Healthcare Educational Market Respond to Short-Run Local Demand?
w26081 Sarah Miller
Norman Johnson
Laura R. Wherry

Medicaid and Mortality: New Evidence from Linked Survey and Administrative Data
w26079 Riley K. Acton
Scott A. Imberman
Michael F. Lovenheim

Do Health Insurance Mandates Spillover to Education? Evidence from Michigan's Autism Insurance Mandate
w26077 David A. Keiser
Joseph S. Shapiro

US Water Pollution Regulation over the Last Half Century: Burning Waters to Crystal Springs?
w26068 Ian W.R. Martin
Robert S. Pindyck

Welfare Costs of Catastrophes: Lost Consumption and Lost Lives
w26058 Darius N. Lakdawalla
Charles E. Phelps

Evaluation of Medical Technologies with Uncertain Benefits
w26051 Aaron Chalfin
Benjamin Hansen
Rachel Ryley

The Minimum Legal Drinking Age and Crime Victimization
w26044 Omar Galárraga
Jeffrey E. Harris

Effect of an Abrupt Change in Sexual and Reproductive Health Policy on Adolescent Birth Rates in Ecuador, 2008-2017
w26043 Toyin Samuel Olowogbon
Raphael Olanrewaju Babatunde
Edward Asiedu

How Can Inclusive Agricultural Health Policy Intervention Promote Shared Agricultural Productivity in Nigeria? Evidence from Randomized Control Trial
w26038 Michael D. Frakes
Jonathan Gruber
Anupam Jena

Is Great Information Good Enough? Evidence from Physicians as Patients
w26030 Timothy J. Halliday
Randall Q. Akee
Tetine Sentell
Megan Inada
Jill Miyamura

The Impact of Medicaid on Medical Utilization in a Vulnerable Population: Evidence from COFA Migrants
w26024 Randi Hjalmarsson
Andreea Mitrut
Cristian Pop-Eleches

The Impact of Abortion on Crime and Crime-Related Behavior
w26017 Michael F. Pesko
Charles J. Courtemanche
Johanna Catherine Maclean

The Effects of Traditional Cigarette and E-Cigarette Taxes on Adult Tobacco Product Use
w26011 John Mullahy
Identification of a Class of Health-Outcome Distributions under a Common Form of Partial Data Observability
w26003 David E. Bloom
David Canning
Rainer Kotschy
Klaus Prettner
Johannes J. Schünemann

Health and Economic Growth: Reconciling the Micro and Macro Evidence
w26000 Juan Carlos Conesa
Timothy J. Kehoe
Vegard M. Nygaard
Gajendran Raveendranathan

Implications of Increasing College Attainment for Aging in General Equilibrium
w25976 Kate Bundorf
Maria Polyakova
Ming Tai-Seale

How do Humans Interact with Algorithms? Experimental Evidence from Health Insurance
w25975 Amy Finkelstein
Matthew Gentzkow
Heidi L. Williams

Place-Based Drivers of Mortality: Evidence from Migration
w25974 Daniel W. Sacks
Alex Hollingsworth
Thuy D. Nguyen
Kosali I. Simon

Can Policy Affect Initiation of Addictive Substance Use? Evidence from Opioid Prescribing
w25973 Sanders Korenman
Dahlia K. Remler
Rosemary T. Hyson

Accounting for the Impact of Medicaid on Child Poverty
w25971 Karen Eggleston
Brian K. Chen
Chih-Hung Chen
Ying Isabel Chen
Talitha Feenstra
Toshiaki Iizuka
Janet Tinkei Lam
Gabriel M. Leung
Jui-fen Rachel Lu
Beatriz Rodriguez-Sanchez
Jeroen N. Struijs
Jianchao Quan
Joseph P. Newhouse

Are Quality-Adjusted Medical Prices Declining for Chronic Disease? Evidence from Diabetes Care in Four Health Systems
w25967 David Card
Stefano DellaVigna
Patricia Funk
Nagore Iriberri

Are Referees and Editors in Economics Gender Neutral?
w25953 Justine S. Hastings
Ryan E. Kessler
Jesse M. Shapiro

The Effect of SNAP on the Composition of Purchased Foods: Evidence and Implications
w25940 Portia Y. Cornell
David C. Grabowski
Edward C. Norton
Momotazur Rahman

Do Report Cards Predict Future Quality? The Case of Skilled Nursing Facilities
w25936 Johanna Catherine Maclean
Sebastian Tello-Trillo
Douglas Webber

Losing insurance and behavioral health inpatient care: Evidence from a large-scale Medicaid disenrollment
w25932 Jonathan Gruber
Benjamin D. Sommers

The Affordable Care Act's Effects on Patients, Providers and the Economy: What We've Learned So Far
w25904 Clément de Chaisemartin
Xavier D'Haultfoeuille

Two-way Fixed Effects Estimators with Heterogeneous Treatment Effects
w25902 Petra Persson
Maya Rossin-Slater

When Dad Can Stay Home: Fathers' Workplace Flexibility and Maternal Health
w25898 Silvia H. Barcellos
Leandro S. Carvalho
Patrick Turley

Distributional Effects of Education on Health
w25883 Lena Edlund
Cecilia Machado

It's the Phone, Stupid: Mobiles and Murder
w25870 Olesya Fomenko
Jonathan Gruber

Reclassification to Avoid Consumer Cost-Sharing in Group Health Plans
w25847 Chelsea J. Richwine
Avi Dor
Ali Moghtaderi

Do Stricter Immunization Laws Improve Coverage? Evidence from the Repeal of Non-medical Exemptions for School Mandated Vaccines
w25846 Shari Eli
Trevon D. Logan
Boriana Miloucheva

Physician Bias and Racial Disparities in Health: Evidence from Veterans' Pensions
w25844 Maximilian W. Mueller
Joan Hamory Hicks
Jennifer Johnson-Hanks
Edward Miguel

The Illusion of Stable Preferences over Major Life Decisions
w25842 Hunt Allcott
Benjamin Lockwood
Dmitry Taubinsky

Should We Tax Sugar-Sweetened Beverages? An Overview of Theory and Evidence
w25841 Hunt Allcott
Benjamin Lockwood
Dmitry Taubinsky

Regressive Sin Taxes, With an Application to the Optimal Soda Tax
w25828 Todd Elder
David N. Figlio
Scott A. Imberman
Claudia Persico

The Role of Neonatal Health in the Incidence of Childhood Disability
w25791 Justine S. Hastings
Mark Howison
Sarah E. Inman

Predicting High-Risk Opioid Prescriptions Before they are Given
w25787 William H. Dow
Anna Godøy
Christopher A. Lowenstein
Michael Reich

Can Economic Policies Reduce Deaths of Despair?
w25784 Jessica E. Pac
Ann P. Bartel
Christopher J. Ruhm
Jane Waldfogel

Paid Family Leave and Breastfeeding: Evidence from California
w25758 Theodore J. Joyce
Robert Kaestner
Jason Ward

The Impact of Parental Involvement Laws on Minor Abortion
w25753 Eric Chyn
Samantha Gold
Justine S. Hastings

The Returns to Early-life Interventions for Very Low Birth Weight Children
w25731 Johannes Haushofer
Anett John
Kate Orkin

Can Simple Psychological Interventions Increase Preventive Health Investment?
w25706 Matthew C. Harris
Yinan Liu
Ian McCarthy

Capacity Constraints and the Provision of Public Services: The Case of Workers in Public Health Clinics
w25689 D. Mark Anderson
Daniel I. Rees
Tianyi Wang

The Phenomenon of Summer Diarrhea and its Waning, 1910-1930
w25681 Janjala Chirakijja
Seema Jayachandran
Pinchuan Ong

Inexpensive Heating Reduces Winter Mortality
w25670 Amanda E. Kowalski
A Model of a Randomized Experiment with an Application to the PROWESS Clinical Trial
w25669 Haseeb Ahmed
Benjamin W. Cowan

Mobile Money and Healthcare Use: Evidence from East Africa
w25656 Andrea M. Kelly
Jason M. Lindo
Analisa Packham

The Power of the IUD: Effects of Expanding Access to Contraception Through Title X Clinics
w25641 Wes Austin
Garth Heutel
Daniel Kreisman

School Bus Emissions, Student Health, and Academic Performance
w25637 Luigi Butera
Robert Metcalfe
William Morrison
Dmitry Taubinsky

Measuring the Welfare Effects of Shame and Pride
w25632 Johanna Catherine Maclean
John Buckell
Joachim Marti

Information Source and Cigarettes: Experimental Evidence on the Messenger Effect
w25627 Johannes Haushofer
Charlotte Ringdal
Jeremy P. Shapiro
Xiao Yu Wang

Income Changes and Intimate Partner Violence: Evidence from Unconditional Cash Transfers in Kenya
w25618 Yiqun Chen
Petra Persson
Maria Polyakova

The Roots of Health Inequality and The Value of Intra-Family Expertise
w25607 Nikhil Agarwal
Itai Ashlagi
Michael A. Rees
Paulo J. Somaini
Daniel C. Waldinger

Equilibrium Allocations under Alternative Waitlist Designs: Evidence from Deceased Donor Kidneys
w25605 Resul Cesur
Pinar Mine Gunes
Erdal Tekin
Aydogan Ulker

Socialized Healthcare and Women's Fertility Decisions
w25587 Helen H. Jensen
Brent Kreider
Oleksandr Zhylyevskyy

Investigating Treatment Effects of Participating Jointly in SNAP and WIC when the Treatment is Validated Only for SNAP
w25584 Qing Hu
Ross Levine
Chen Lin
Mingzhu Tai

Mentally Spent: Credit Conditions and Mental Health
w25581 Julio J. Elias
Nicola Lacetera
Mario Macis

Paying for Kidneys? A Randomized Survey and Choice Experiment
w25568 Bernard Black
Alex Hollingsworth
Leticia Nunes
Kosali Simon

The Effect of Health Insurance on Mortality: Power Analysis and What We Can Learn from the Affordable Care Act Coverage Expansions
w25564 Philip Armour
Claire O’Hanlon

How Does Supplemental Medicare Coverage Affect the Disabled Under-65 Population?: An Exploratory Analysis of the Health Effects of States' Medigap Policies for SSDI Beneficiaries
w25555 Jenny Williams
Rosalie Liccardo Pacula
Rosanna Smart

De Facto or De Jure? Ethnic Differences in Quit Responses to Legal Protections of Medical Marijuana Dispensaries
w25548 Jon Kleinberg
Jens Ludwig
Sendhil Mullainathan
Cass R. Sunstein

Discrimination In The Age Of Algorithms
w25541 Marcella Alsan
Vincenzo Atella
Jay Bhattacharya
Valentina Conti
Iván Mejía-Guevara
Grant Miller

Technological Progress and Health Convergence: The Case of Penicillin in Post-War Italy
w25527 Dhaval M. Dave
Hope Corman
Ariel Kalil
Ofira Schwartz-Soicher
Nancy Reichman

Effects of Maternal Work Incentives on Adolescent Social Behaviors
w25526 Su H. Shin
Dean R. Lillard
Jay Bhattacharya

Understanding the Correlation between Alzheimer's Disease Polygenic Risk, Wealth, and the Composition of Wealth Holdings
w25504 Charles F. Manski
Meta-Analysis for Medical Decisions
w25499 Manoj Mohanan
Katherine Donato
Grant Miller
Yulya Truskinovsky
Marcos Vera-Hernández

Different Strokes for Different Folks: Experimental Evidence on the Effectiveness of Input and Output Incentive Contracts for Health Care Providers with Varying Skills
w25498 Finn Kydland
Nick Pretnar

The Costs and Benefits of Caring: Aggregate Burdens of an Aging Population
w25488 Mark Duggan
Atul Gupta
Emilie Jackson

The Impact of the Affordable Care Act: Evidence from California's Hospital Sector
w25480 Dora Costa
Noelle Yetter
Heather DeSomer

Wartime Health Shocks and the Postwar Socioeconomic Status and Mortality of Union Army Veterans and their Children
w25474 Martin Halla
Chia-Lun Liu
Jin-Tan Liu

The Effect of Superstition on Health: Evidence from the Taiwanese Ghost Month
w25428 Lindsay Allen
Janet R. Cummings
Jason Hockenberry

Urgent Care Centers and the Demand for Non-Emergent Emergency Department Visits
w25427 Brady P. Horn
Aakrit Joshi
Johanna Catherine Maclean

Substance Use Disorder Treatment Centers and Property Values

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