Huaizhi Chen

University of Notre Dame
238 Mendoza College of Business

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November 2019Don’t Take Their Word For It: The Misclassification of Bond Mutual Funds
with Lauren Cohen, Umit Gurun: w26423
We provide evidence that bond fund managers misclassify their holdings, and that these misclassifications have a real and significant impact on investor capital flows. In particular, many funds report more investment grade assets than are actually held in their portfolios to important information intermediaries, making these funds appear significantly less risky. This results in pervasive misclassification across the universe of US fixed income mutual funds. The problem is widespread - resulting in up to 31.4% of funds being misclassified with safer profiles, when compared against their true, publicly reported holdings. “Misclassified funds” – i.e., those that hold risky bonds, but claim to hold safer bonds – appear to on-average outperform the low-risk funds in their peer groups. Within c...
July 2018IQ from IP: Simplifying Search in Portfolio Choice
with Lauren Cohen, Umit Gurun, Dong Lou, Christopher Malloy: w24801
Using a novel database that tracks web traffic on the SEC’s EDGAR server between 2004 and 2015, we show that institutional investors gather information on a very particular subset of firms and insiders, and their surveillance is very persistent over time. This tracking behavior has powerful implications for their portfolio choice, and its information content. An institution that downloaded an insider-trading filing by a given firm last quarter increases its likelihood of downloading an insider-trading filing on the same firm by more than 41.3% this quarter. Moreover, the average tracked stock that an institution buys generates annualized alphas of over 12% relative to the purchase of an average non-tracked stock. We find that institutional managers tend to track members of the top manageme...

Published: Huaizhi Chen & Lauren Cohen & Umit Gurun & Dong Lou & Christopher Malloy, 2020. "IQ from IP: Simplifying search in portfolio choice," Journal of Financial Economics, .

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