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NBER Working Papers and Publications

May 2020Global Comparatives Statics in General Equilibrium: Model Building from Theoretical Foundations
March 2020The Structure of Multinational Firms' International Activities
with Ronald B. Davies: w26827
June 2017Per Capita Income and the Demand for Skills
with Justin Caron, Thibault Fally: w23482

Published: Justin Caron & Thibault Fally & James Markusen, 2020. "Per capita income and the demand for skills," Journal of International Economics, . citation courtesy of

December 2013Per-capita Income as a Determinant of International Trade and Environmental Policies
June 2012Skill Premium and Trade Puzzles: a Solution Linking Production and Preferences
with Justin Caron, Thibault Fally: w18131

Published: "International Trade Puzzles: A Solution Linking Production and Preferences" With Justin Caron and James R. Markusen, Quarterly Journal of Economics, August 2014, Vol. 129 (3).

April 2010Expansion of Trade at the Extensive Margin: A General Gains-from-Trade Result and Illustrative Examples

Published: Markusen, James R., 2013. "Expansion of trade at the extensive margin: A general gains-from-trade result and illustrative examples," Journal of International Economics, Elsevier, vol. 89(1), pages 262-270. citation courtesy of

Putting Per-Capita Income Back into Trade Theory

Published: Markusen, James R., 2013. "Putting per-capita income back into trade theory," Journal of International Economics, Elsevier, vol. 90(2), pages 255-265. citation courtesy of

November 2009Endogenous Market Structure and Foreign Market Entry
with Frank Stähler: w15530

Published: James Markusen & Frank Stähler, 2011. "Endogenous market structure and foreign market entry," Review of World Economics (Weltwirtschaftliches Archiv), Springer, vol. 147(2), pages 195-215, June. citation courtesy of

July 2009International Welfare and Employment Linkages Arising from Minimum Wages
with Hartmut Egger, Peter Egger: w15196

Published: Hartmut Egger & Peter Egger & James R. Markusen, 2012. "International Welfare And Employment Linkages Arising From Minimum Wages," International Economic Review, Department of Economics, University of Pennsylvania and Osaka University Institute of Social and Economic Research Association, vol. 53(3), pages 771-790, 08. citation courtesy of

December 2008Physical Capital, Knowledge Capital and the Choice Between FDI and Outsourcing
with Yongmin Chen, Ignatius J. Horstmann: w14515

Published: Yongmin Chen & Ignatius J. Horstmann & James R. Markusen, 2012. "Physical capital, knowledge capital, and the choice between FDI and outsourcing," Canadian Journal of Economics/Revue canadienne d'économique, vol 45(1), pages 1-15. citation courtesy of

May 2007Sub-national Differentiation and the Role of the Firm in Optimal International Pricing
with Edward J. Balistreri: w13130

Published: Balistreri, Edward J. & Markusen, James R., 2009. "Sub-national differentiation and the role of the firm in optimal international pricing," Economic Modelling, Elsevier, vol. 26(1), pages 47-62, January. citation courtesy of

March 2007Foreign Firms, Domestic Wages
with Nikolaj Malchow-Møller, Bertel Schjerning: w13001

Published: Nikolaj Malchow-Møller & James R. Markusen & Bertel Schjerning, 2013. "Foreign Firms, Domestic Wages," Scandinavian Journal of Economics, Wiley Blackwell, vol. 115(2), pages 292-325, 04. citation courtesy of

January 2007Teaching Locals New Tricks: Foreign Experts as a Channel of Knowledge Transfers
with Natalia Trofimenko: w12872

Published: Markusen, James R. & Trofimenko, Natalia, 2009. "Teaching locals new tricks: Foreign experts as a channel of knowledge transfers," Journal of Development Economics, Elsevier, vol. 88(1), pages 120-131, January. citation courtesy of

Trade in Business Services in General Equilibrium
with Bridget Strand: w12816
December 2005Modeling the Offshoring of White-Collar Services: From Comparative Advantage to the New Theories of Trade and FDI

Published: Brainard, S. Lael and Susan Collins (eds.) in "Brookings Trade Forum 2005: Offshoring White-Collar Work," Washington: The Brookings Institution, 2006.

January 2005A Multi-Country Approach to Factor-Proportions Trade and Trade Costs
with Anthony J. Venables: w11051

Published: Markusen, James R. & Venables, Anthony J., 2007. "Interacting factor endowments and trade costs: A multi-country, multi-good approach to trade theory," Journal of International Economics, Elsevier, vol. 73(2), pages 333-354, November.

July 2004Learning on the Quick and Cheap: Gains from Trade Through Imported Expertise
with Thomas F. Rutherford: w10603
February 2004Competition for Multinational Investment in Developing Countries: Human Capital, Infrastructure, and Market Size
with David L. Carr, Keith Maskus
in Challenges to Globalization: Analyzing the Economics, Robert E. Baldwin and L. Alan Winters, editors
March 2003Export-Platform Foreign Direct Investment
with Karolina Ekholm, Rikard Forslid: w9517

Published: Karolina Ekholm & Rikard Forslid & James R. Markusen, 2007. "Export-Platform Foreign Direct Investment," Journal of the European Economic Association, MIT Press, vol. 5(4), pages 776-795, 06. citation courtesy of

December 2001Integrating Multinational Firms into International Economics
NBER Reporter Winter 02
June 2001General-Equilibrium Approaches to the Multinational Firm: A Review of Theory and Evidence
with Keith E. Maskus: w8334

Published: Harrigan, James and Kwan Choi (eds.) Handbook of Empirical International Trade, 2003.

A Unified Approach to Intra-Industry Trade and Direct Foreign Investment
with Keith E. Maskus: w8335

Published: Lloyd, Peter, Herbert Grubel, and Hyun-Hoon Lee (eds.) The Frontiers of Intra-Industry Trade. London: Macmillan, 2002.

Standards and Related Regulations in International Trade: A Modeling Approach
with Mattias Ganslandt: w8346

Published: Maskus, Keith E. and John S. Wilson (eds.) Quantifying the impact of technical barriers to trade: Can it be done? Studies in International Economics. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 2001.

Multi-Issue Bargaining and Linked Agendas: Ricardo Revisited or No Pain No Gain
with Ignatius J. Horstmann, Jack Robles: w8347

Published: Horstmann, Ignatius J., James R. Markusen and Jack Robles. "Issue Linking In Trading Negotiations: Ricardo Revisited Or Not Pain No Gain," Review of International Economics, 2005, v13(2,May), 185-204.

January 2001Multinational Firms: Reconciling Theory and Evidence
with Keith E. Maskus
in Topics in Empirical International Economics: A Festschrift in Honor of Robert E. Lipsey, Magnus Blomstrom and Linda S. Goldberg, editors
May 2000Foreign Direct Investments in Services and the Domestic Market for Expertise
with Thomas F. Rutherford, David Tarr: w7700

Published: Baldwin, Richard E. and Aymo Brunetti (eds.) Economic Impact of EU Membership on Entrants. Boston: Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2001.

June 1999Multinational Firms: Reconciling Theory and Evidence
with Keith E. Maskus: w7163

Published: With Robert C. Feenstra and William Zeile, published as "Accounting for Growth with New Inputs: Theory and Evidence", American Economic Review, Vol. 82, no. 2 (1992): 418-421.

Discriminating Among Alternative Theories of the Multinational Enterprise
with Keith E. Maskus: w7164


November 1998Undertstanding the Home Market Effect and the Gravity Equation: The Role of Differentiating Goods
with Robert C. Feenstra, Andrew K. Rose: w6804
October 1998Estimating the Knowledge-Capital Model of the Multinational Enterprise
with David L. Carr, Keith E. Maskus: w6773

Published: Carr, David L., James R. Markusen and Keith E. Maskus. "Estimating The Knowledge-Capital Model Of The Multinational Enterprise," American Economic Review, 2001, v91(3,Jun), 693-708. citation courtesy of

March 1998Contracts, Intellectual Property Rights, and Multinational Investment in Developing Countries

Published: Markusen, James R. "Intellectual Property Rights, And Multinational Investment In Developing Countries," Journal of International Economics, 2001, v53(1,Feb), 189-204. citation courtesy of

October 1997Trade versus Investment Liberalization
Liberalization and Incentives for Labor Migration: Theory with Applications to NAFTA
with Stephen Zahniser: w6232

Published: Trade and Factor Mobility, deMelo, J., R. Faini and K. Zimmerman, eds., London: Cambridge University Press, 1999, pp. 263-294.

Foreign Direct Investment as a Catalyst for Industrial Development
with Anthony J. Venables: w6241

Published: European Economic Review, Vol. 43 (1999): 335-356. citation courtesy of

September 1997Vertical Multinationals and Host-Country Characteristics
with Kevin H. Zhang: w6203

Published: Journal of Development Economics, Vol. 59, no. 2 (August 1999): 233-252 citation courtesy of

August 1996A Unified Treatment of Horizontal Direct Investment, Vertical Direct Investment, and the Pattern of Trade in Goods and Services
with Anthony J. Venables, Denise Eby Konan, Kevin H. Zhang: w5696
April 1996The Theory of Endowment, Intra-Industry, and Multinational Trade
with Anthony J. Venables: w5529

Published: Markusen, James R. and Anthony J. Venables. "The Theory Of Endowment, Intra-Industry And Multi-National Trade," Journal of International Economics, 2000, v52(2,Dec), 209-234. citation courtesy of

March 1996Multinational Production, Skilled Labor and Real Wages
with Anthony J. Venables: w5483

Published: in Richard Baldwin (ed), Dynamic Issues in Applied Commercial Policy Analysis, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1999.

Costly Pollution Abatement, Competitiveness, and Plant Location Decisions

Published: Resource and Energy Economics 19 (1997): 299-320. citation courtesy of

February 1995Exploring New Markets: Direct Investment, Contractual Relations and the Multinational Enterprise
with Ignatius J. Horstmann: w5029

Published: International Economic Review, vol. 37, 1996, pp. 1-20. citation courtesy of

Multinational Firms and The New Trade Theory
with Anthony J. Venables: w5036

Published: Journal of International Economics 46 (1998), pp. 183-204. citation courtesy of

October 1993Anti-Competitive and Rent-Shifting Aspects of Domestic-Content Provisions in Regional Trade Blocks
with Florencio Lopez-de-Silane, Thomas F. Rutherford: w4512

Published: "Trade Policy Subleties with Multinational Firms" European Economic Review,vol. 40, 1996, pp. 1605-1627.

Discrete Plant-Location Decisions in an Applied General-Equilibrium Model of Trade Liberalization
with Thomas F. Rutherford: w4513

Published: Review of World Economics (Weltwirtschaftliches Archiv), vol. 130, no. 1, March 1994, pp 133-151. citation courtesy of

October 1992Complementarity and Increasing Returns in Intermediate Inputs: A Theoretical and Applied General-Equilibrium Analysis
with Florencio Lopez-de-Silane, Thomas F. Rutherford: w4179

Published: "Complementarity and Increasing Returns in Intermediate Inputs" Journal of Development Economics, vol 45, 1994, pp 101-119

July 1992Accounting for Growth With New Inputs
with Robert C. Feenstra: w4114

Published: International Economic Review, May 1994, vol 35, no 2, pp 429-447 citation courtesy of

April 1992Noncooperative Equilibria in Regional Environmental Policies When Plant Locations are Endogenous
with Edward R. Morey, Nancy Olewiler: w4051

Published: Journal of Public Economics, Vol. 56, 1995, pp. 55-77.

August 1991Multinational Firms, Technology Diffusion and Trade
with Wilfred J. Ethier: w3825

Published: Journal of International Economics, vol.41, 1996, pp. 1-28. citation courtesy of

April 1991Environmental Policy When Market Structure and Plant Locations are Endo-genous
with Edward R. Morey, Nancy Olewiler: w3671

Published: Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, vol. 24, 1993, p. 69-86 citation courtesy of

Trade Liberalization in a Multinational-Dominated Industry: A Theoretical and Applied General-Equilibrium Analysis
with Linda Hunter, Thomas F. Rutherford: w3679


March 1990Endogenous Market Structures in International Trade
with Ignatius J. Horstmann: w3283

Published: Journal of International Economics, Volume 32, 1992, pp. 109-129

First Mover Advantages, Blockaded Entry, And the Economics of Uneven Development

Published: International Trade and Trade Policy, MIT Press: Cambridge, 1991, pp.613-62 4

March 1983Trade in Goods and Factors with International Differences in Technology
with Lars E.O. Svensson: w1101

Published: Markusen, James R. and Lars E.O. Svensson. "Trade in Goods and Factors with International Differences in Technology," International Economic Review, Vol. 26, 1985, pp. 175-192. citation courtesy of

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