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NBER Working Papers and Publications

April 2020Is Fish Brain Food or Brain Poison? Sea Surface Temperature, Methyl-mercury and Child Cognitive Development
with Rafael J. Santos Villagran: w26957
August 2019Housing Prices, Inter-generational Co-residence, and “Excess” Savings by the Young: Evidence using Chinese Data
with Junsen Zhang: w26209
July 2019The Effects of Schooling on Costless Health Maintenance: Overweight Adolescents and Children in Rural China
with Junsen Zhang: w26089
May 2019Assessing the Benefits of Long-Run Weather Forecasting for the Rural Poor: Farmer Investments and Worker Migration in a Dynamic Equilibrium Model
with Christopher R. Udry: w25894
October 2017Are There Too Many Farms in the World? Labor-Market Transaction Costs, Machine Capacities and Optimal Farm Size
with Andrew D. Foster: w23909
July 2016External Validity in a Stochastic World
with Christopher Udry: w22449
November 2015Identifying the Cost of a Public Health Success: Arsenic Well Water Contamination and Productivity in Bangladesh
with Mark M. Pitt, Nazmul Hassan: w21741
Insiders and Outsiders: Local Ethnic Politics and Public Goods Provision
with Kaivan Munshi: w21720
April 2014Co-residence, Life-Cycle Savings and Inter-generational Support in Urban China
with Junsen Zhang: w20057
January 2014Rainfall Forecasts, Weather and Wages over the Agricultural Production Cycle
with Christopher Udry: w19808

Published: Mark R. Rosenzweig & Christopher Udry, 2014. "Rainfall Forecasts, Weather, and Wages over the Agricultural Production Cycle," American Economic Review, American Economic Association, vol. 104(5), pages 278-83, May. citation courtesy of

Risk, Insurance and Wages in General Equilibrium
with Ahmed Mushfiq Mobarak: w19811
August 2013Forecasting Profitability
with Christopher R. Udry: w19334
July 2013Networks, Commitment, and Competence: Caste in Indian Local Politics
with Kaivan Munshi: w19197
April 2009Why is Mobility in India so Low? Social Insurance, Inequality, and Growth
with Kaivan Munshi: w14850
September 2008The Efficacy of Parochial Politics: Caste, Commitment, and Competence in Indian Local Governments
with Kaivan Munshi: w14335
January 2000The Changing Skill of New Immigrants to the United States: Recent Trends and Their Determinants
with Guillermina Jasso, James P. Smith
in Issues in the Economics of Immigration, George J. Borjas, editor
October 1998The Changing Skills of New Immigrants to the United States: Recent Trends and Their Determinants
with Guillermina Jasso, James P. Smith: w6764
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