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NBER Working Papers and Publications

August 2020A History of Pricing Pollution (Or, Why Pigouvian Taxes are not Necessarily Pigouvian)
July 2020Financing Outdoor Recreation
with V. Kerry Smith: w27541
October 2019Non-Parametric Tests of the Tragedy of the Commons
with Yaqin Liu, Martin Smith, Frank Asche: w26398
March 2019Capitalization as a Two-Part Tariff: The Role of Zoning
with Kyle Mangum: w25699
January 2019Age-Based Property Tax Exemptions
with Ryan Mickey, Carlianne E. Patrick: w25468
December 2016Fuel Consumption and Gasoline Prices: The Role of Assortative Matching between Households and Automobiles
with Taha Kasim: w22983

Published: H. Spencer Banzhaf & M. Taha Kasim, 2018. "Fuel Consumption and Gasoline Prices: The Role of Assortative Matching between Households and Automobiles," Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, . citation courtesy of

August 2015Panel Data Hedonics: Rosen's First Stage as a "Sufficient Statistic"

Published: H. Spencer Banzhaf, 2020. "PANEL DATA HEDONICS: ROSEN'S FIRST STAGE AS A “SUFFICIENT STATISTIC”," International Economic Review, vol 61(2), pages 973-1000. citation courtesy of

May 2012On Fiscal Illusion and Ricardian Equivalence in Local Public Finance
with Wallace E. Oates: w18040

Published: "On Fiscal Illusion in Local Public Finance: Re-examining Ricardian Equivalence and the Renter Effect," National Tax Journal 66(3), 2013, pp. 511-40 (with W.E. Oates).

February 2012Interjurisdictional Housing Prices and Spatial Amenities: Which Measures of Housing Prices Reflect Local Public Goods?
with Omar Farooque: w17809

Published: Banzhaf, H. Spencer & Farooque, Omar, 2013. "Interjurisdictional housing prices and spatial amenities: Which measures of housing prices reflect local public goods?," Regional Science and Urban Economics, Elsevier, vol. 43(4), pages 635-648. citation courtesy of

June 2010Segregation and Tiebout Sorting: Investigating the Link between Investments in Public Goods and Neighborhood Tipping
with Randall P. Walsh: w16057

Published: "Segregation and Tiebout Sorting: The Link between Place-Based Investments and Neighborhood Tipping," Journal of Urban Economics 74, 2013, pp. 83-98 (with R.P. Walsh).

January 2010Heterogeneous Harm vs. Spatial Spillovers: Environmental Federalism and US Air Pollution
with B. Andrew Chupp: w15666

Published: "Fiscal Federalism and Interjurisdictional Extern alities: New Results and an Application to US Air Pollution," Journal of Public Economics 96, 2012, pp. 449-464 (with B.A. Chupp).

March 2008Can Weak Substitution be Rehabilitated?
with V. Kerry Smith, Mary F. Evans, Christine Poulos: w13903

Published: V. Smith & Mary Evans & H. Banzhaf & Christine Poulos, 2010. "Can Weak Substitution be Rehabilitated?," Environmental & Resource Economics, European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists, vol. 45(2), pages 203-221, February. citation courtesy of

June 2000Estimating the General Equilibrium Benefits of Large Policy Changes: The Clean Air Act Revisited
with Holger Sieg, V. Kerry Smith, Randy Walsh: w7744

Published: Sieg, Holger, V. Kerry Smith, H. Spencer Banzhaf and Randy Walsh. "Estimating The General Equilibrium Benefits Of Large Changes In Spatially Delineated Public Goods," International Economic Review, 2004, v45(4,Nov), 1047-1077.

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